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LMRFD fire district tax explained

Here is Rick’s tax bill:

LMRFD Mohave County tax bill
LMRFD Mohave County tax bill

EVERYBODY pays into the Fire District Assistance Fund. 

I do NOT know what happens with this money, but as you can see it’s very insignificant, under $10 for a $1,158 tax bill.

And that’s ALL most Meadview residents pay.

The $323.44 is the tax for our LMRFD fire district (Dolan Springs and Meadview).

I’m really sorry for Rick as he just joined and that’s really a lot of money.   And no way to get back out of the district!

We’re all very lucky that property values are so low now.  10 years ago it would have been twice as high.

So here’s a tip for people who want to join the district because they want to run for the board or otherwise want to be in the district without paying a small fortune and if you have a 2nd vacant lot.   Put the vacant lot into the district, the tax will be much less.

And there’s NO WAY that I will join the district unless EVERYBODY joins.  I would however subscribe if the fire district offered subscriptions.  My house is a lot smaller than Rick’s, so my taxes are much lower and I’d be willing to pay the 28% while I can afford it and while I want to support the district.

I’m less than impressed with the fire board’s efforts to properly staff and to provide TIMELY ambulance service for Meadview.

So far the ONLY action they talk about is to INCREASE the tax rate for the fire district.

Truck v. horse trailer on I-40

Close call on 1/21/17, it looks like the 5 horses survived.

Wouldn’t it be something if our fire district LMRFD sent out press releases and posted videos as the Yucca fire district?

Yucca has to be tiny compared to LMRFD! Why can THEY do it?

My recent offer for help with their website was politely turned down by Karen.

We know NOTHING about LMRFD activities and WHY we should join the fire district.  We have no clue what they’re doing.

Anyway, hope the horses will all be ok:

The 1/19/17 LMRFD fire board meeting and the sorry state of the fire district

Apparently our LMRFD (Lake Mohave Rancho Fire District) fire board is incapable of checking the calendar for holidays on the regular meeting date.  There was much confusion about this week’s meeting and I’m lucky I got 24 hours notice after I had inquired so I could attend and record the meeting.

The new administrative assistant Karen used to work for the GV fire district and supposedly she maintained their website, but I don’t know whether it runs on WordPress as LMRFD.

They’re aware that the website is not working properly right and you can’t get to the old minutes and agendas

Currently only the agenda for yesterday’s meeting shows up.    I suspect that’s a problem with the plugin and I have no idea WHY they are using a plugin that can only cause problems instead of just a basic page to post the pdfs.

Karen can simply create a new page titled “Agendas and Minutes”, link to the existing files (media) and then UPLOAD the new pdf files on this page.  It couldn’t be any easier, you can arrange the pdfs any way you like, but of course they should be in chronological order with the latest document on the top.

Then she needs to change in the link in the menu to the new page and that’s it!

The defunct email list for LMRFD important info such as board meetings.

Apparently the previous administrative assistant Nancy walked off the job and left no instructions, so Karen didn’t even know that there an email list for meeting info exists.   And I really don’t understand why the board didn’t pay Ellen a few bucks to get Karen started, after all, Ellen was there for many years.  Did she move away?  Is she no longer reachable?

Of course at this point it would be much better if Karen simply added a BLOG SUBSCRIPTION plugin as you can see at the top right on this page (JetPack does it).  This way it’s NO WORK for Karen to add and delete people and all she needs to do is POST on the front page about any events, meetings, etc. and ANYONE can subscribe and unsubscribe without one second of work for LMRFD.  That’s how it SHOULD be done, with NEWS about meetings and other issues on the front page.

Karen needs UPDATE the WordPress installation and plugins as needed so it doesn’t get hacked again and everything continues to work as it should.

Karen should also install a SECURITY plugin (I’m using several), most are free, but I actually pay for a premium version with automatic backup prior to all updates.  So if there’s a compatibility problem, you can quickly roll back and you don’t have to spend umpteen hours trying to fix it.

And of course the site needs to be BACKED UP daily, again, a plugin does that for me.

I’m going to send the link to this post to Karen and I’ll be happy to have a look and show her how to do this if she has any questions (no charge.)

The website also provides all kinds of false information on the front page such as:

… We have 2 stations that are fully staffed under normal conditions. …

That’s a blatant lie and it needs to get fixed.  This is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

People considering moving to or living in Meadview should NOT be mislead into believing that we have a functional fire and ambulance service here.

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LMRFD meeting Monday at Meadview MCA

Last time I went to the fire board meeting in Meadview someone stole my hat! So be aware and watch your stuff. Also, my hat got stolen was because they LOCKED the entrance door and I couldn’t get back in after I got something from my truck. The fire board meetings MUST be open toContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Fire district board elections next Tuesday

If you’re in the fire district, you’ll get to vote. In Meadview, that doesn’t make for many voters since MOST properties are NOT in the district. On 5/5 I hoped to be able to ask the candidates a few questions and first I attended the COM meeting.  Not too surprising, questions were NOT allowed.  AccordingContinue Reading

4/18/16 LMRFD board meeting in Meadview

Interim fire chief DeMaio is the best thing that happened to LMRFD in a long time.  Unlike arrogant administrator Flynn, he actually responds to my questions.   I realize that he just got the job and it will be a while until things run smoothly as Chief Moore was a complete waste of money and didContinue Reading

The 2/4/13 BOS meeting regarding the Dolan / Meadview bankrupt fire district

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My open letter to our Supervisors regarding the fire district mismanagement, corruption and threats against candidates

Dear Supervisors: I understand that you are looking into the Lake Mohave Rancho Fire District (Meadview and Dolan Springs) and I would like you to consider the following issues: 1) Administrator Flynn mismanaged the fire district and lied at the monthly meetings. Flynn refuses to provide me with the recordings of the meetings.  State lawContinue Reading