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11/26/16 Parking Lot Sale at Collectors Corner

Sell your stuff from 8 am – 2 pm NO CHARGE for setting up!  Bring your table, truck, trailer …

More info and pics are at the Collectors Corner!

Several propane and electric HEATERS, flak jackets, a Nikon scope and much more! Of course the Collectors Corner shop is OPEN! We have hundreds of Christmas decorations and gifts for $20 or less in…

Pictures from last week’s sale:

Source: 11/26/16 Parking Lot Sale at Collectors Corner

Truck drives itself across Hoover Dam

First Autonomous Truck Is Licensed And On The Road … the truck has an autonomous vehicle license and can operate in the state of Nevada freely as long as there’s a driver sitting behind the wheel. This huge news was heralded by a suitably huge publicity stunt – the nation’s first licensed autonomous truck droveContinue Reading

1.5 acres with garage and shed in Unit 4 — $8,500

Update:  Sold in 3 days with freebie Craigslist  ad.  Local realtors didn’t even want to waste the paper on the listing agreement — go figure! A friend of mine is selling a 1.5 acre lot with garage and shed in Meadview on Detrital in Unit 4: About 1.5 acres Garage with partially completed bathroom ReadyContinue Reading