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Anybody looking for a hiking / kayaking partner?

I have a 24 year-old visitor and he’d love to go on hikes or go kayaking (he can borrow our kayak) and he’s in excellent physical condition.   We went to the lake and river earlier this week and he swam like fish, in both, several times, and the Colorado is COLD!

A camping trip would be great too.  Interested? Please contact me.

Unfortunately I’m out of shape and busy and I don’t want to see him get hurt out there by himself and of course he doesn’t know where to go.   And the Meadview Explorers are so incredibly exclusive and will only allow MCA members to join them on outings.

I sure wish we could have hikers, boaters and adventurers groups open to all — MCA members, non members, residents, visitors …  Why is Meadview so incredibly screwed up?

11/26/16 Parking Lot Sale at Collectors Corner

Sell your stuff from 8 am – 2 pm NO CHARGE for setting up!  Bring your table, truck, trailer … More info and pics are at the Collectors Corner! Several propane and electric HEATERS, flak jackets, a Nikon scope and much more! Of course the Collectors Corner shop is OPEN! We have hundreds of ChristmasContinue Reading

Truck drives itself across Hoover Dam

First Autonomous Truck Is Licensed And On The Road … the truck has an autonomous vehicle license and can operate in the state of Nevada freely as long as there’s a driver sitting behind the wheel. This huge news was heralded by a suitably huge publicity stunt – the nation’s first licensed autonomous truck droveContinue Reading

1.5 acres with garage and shed in Unit 4 — $8,500

Update:  Sold in 3 days with freebie Craigslist  ad.  Local realtors didn’t even want to waste the paper on the listing agreement — go figure! A friend of mine is selling a 1.5 acre lot with garage and shed in Meadview on Detrital in Unit 4: About 1.5 acres Garage with partially completed bathroom ReadyContinue Reading