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Kayakers shot at on Burro Creek

I’ve been wanting to check out Burro Creek for years.   Incredibly, a resident SHOT at kayakers and held them hostage.

Search and Rescue at Burro Creek
Search and Rescue at Burro Creek

BURRO CREEK – A Wikieup man is in jail after he allegedly shot at kayakers on Burro Creek Saturday.

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Danny Eugene Button, 66, for three counts of unlawful imprisonment, three counts of kidnapping, three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and three counts of endangerment, all felonies.

According to sheriff’s spokeswoman Trish Carter, deputies responded to the Burro Creek Campgrounds near U.S. Highway 93 around 3:30 p.m. regarding gunshots. The deputies talked to two men who said they were in a group of four from Flagstaff kayaking down the creek.

The men said they were about a mile downstream from the campgrounds when they heard a gunshot and saw an elderly man (later identified as Button) standing on the bank of the creek with a gun. The victims said Button fired four more rounds, one of which hit the water. …
Nobody was hurt, but the search and rescue operation must have cost a small fortune.

New pictures of the Joshua Tree massacre

Here are some new pictures of the Joshua Tree massacre on Pierce Ferry and Greggs Hideout (Antares on the other side of Pierce Ferry.)  They’re done drilling the new well and I’ve been told they’ll keep on clearing going up Patterson Grade, but I have no first hand knowledge.  I will do more research and I’m thrilled that Jan Emming is looking into this now as the people of Meadview and Jean Bishop are so indifferent.

The issues are not only the protection of Joshua Trees, desert tortoises and our precious eco system, but the farmers are using up our water and polluting our water and air with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.  I would not object to SUSTAINABLE agriculture producing organic food for LOCALS, but growing almonds in monoculture right there is just not right.   We have so much land all over the county (such as along 93) with not a whole lot of  vegetation to begin with.


They cleared a LOT MORE and while I was told they would go north along Pierce Ferry, they also cleared west on Greggs Hideout.

Looking north from Greggs Hideout road
Looking north from Greggs Hideout road

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Joseph Edward Thomas arrested for attempted murder in Meadview

UPDATED 1/16/17 with the word on the street. 1/13/17 press release from the Mohave County Sheriff’s office: MEADVIEW – Mohave County Sheriff’s detectives are seeking information on a possible drive by shooting Thursday night. According to Sheriff’s spokeswoman Trish Carter, deputies arrested Joseph Edward Thomas Jr., 67, of Meadview Friday morning for attempted first-degree murder,Continue Reading

Fiber optic cable on Charles

This afternoon I was thrilled to see that they were almost done running the fiber optics cable on Charles. I can’t wait to finally get usable internet! Haven’t had time yet to post about my Thanksgiving week with NO Frontier internet and how the Frontier billing people kept me on hold for over half anContinue Reading

Rescue a Joshua Tree

I just saw this flier posted on Sunday — the date of the deadline to register at 564-2224.  Since the trees aren’t removed until January, I don’t know why you had to register by the 11th.   I also don’t know where the trees are removed.   Stockton Hill and Pierce Ferry?  South of where they’re drillingContinue Reading

Meadview Boathouse restaurant closed for winter

There we go again … The Boathouse was recently closed for “remodeling” and was also often just closed.  Now they’re closed for the winter.  Not the way to run a business, especially when you’re trying to sell it. I read on Facebook that they served grass fed beef at one point, but unfortunately I missedContinue Reading

Another deadly accident at 93 and Pierce Ferry

According to eye witness reports in the Dolan Springs AZ Chatter Box Facebook group 4 people died when a car pulled from Pierce Ferry in front of a bus on 93. Update 7/25/16:  The Kingman Miner article is so awful, I’m not even going to link it.  From KTNV News: Officials also said the vanContinue Reading