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Another storm — another Frontier outage

Yesterday internet and DSL were out all day and if finally came back on in the evening, only to go out again around 7:30 am this morning.   Friday night was one of the worst wind storms we’ve had in a while, so I wasn’t too surprised about the outage yesterday.   Maybe they’re still fixing stuff today.


Here’s the forecast for this week:

weather forecastWe’ll see how that turns out.   I have countless boxes full of stuff to sell at the Saturday parking lot sales at the Collectors Corner and the last two Saturdays we got rained out.


Live updates: Evacuations below Oroville Dam

It’s hard to believe that Lake Mead also overflowed and the road over the dam had to be closed — in the 90s.

Sure hope the Oroville Dam will hold until they can make the repairs.

Oroville Dam
Oroville Dam

Source: Live updates: Evacuations below Oroville Dam remain in effect as officials try to make repairs before new storms – LA Times

70s in the forecast – FINALLY!

Updated 2/6/17:   It is so frustrating to have so many cloudy days. Last week we had one really nice day, I think on Wednesday, and Saturday also wasn’t bad, but we were seriously sprayed.  Yesterday and today it was cloudy most of the day.  Depressing!

Update 6/12/17:  Last Thursday was another very nice day, but then cloudy all day Friday until now, Sunday eve.  Got more rain, which is good, and it’s been quite warm, near 70s during the day, but I need some SUNSHINE!


10-day weather forecast
10-day Meadview weather forecast.

Of course the forecast changes all the time, but it’s good to see 70s for highs and 50s for lows!

I’m ready for some sunshine and the mud to dry.

Two storms in two days — that’s a first for me

I was AMAZED how quickly all the roads got fixed yesterday.   Nobody expected another storm the next day. I talked to a friend on the phone yesterday evening and noticed that the forecast called for thunderstorms at 11 pm.   I wasn’t worried, it’s monsoon season and what are the chances of getting flooded two daysContinue Reading