Looming water restrictions and UNLIMITED growth continues

The Mohave County BOS does absolutely NOTHING to slow growth. HUNDREDS of commercial wells have been permitted to be drilled.  They’re not even metered!

UNLIMITED FREE water for the thugs exporting it in everything from almonds to alfalfa to dairy.

We have ongoing power problems in Meadview, apparently due to so many people moving here from California, as I discussed in a previouse post:

NO water, fires everywhere and supervisor Jean Bishop does NOTHING!

Supervisor Jean Bishop recently posted on FaceBook the link to Unisource for the current status of another major power outage — INSTEAD of taking action.

Governor Ducey WELCOMES venture capitalist water exporters like Al Barbarich, the proud destroyer of our Joshua Trees and our ecosystem, wasting and polluting our water, poisoning our air with pesticides – so he can get even richer. Notably, the almond farmer has plenty of power to run their giant commercial irrigation wells, but we can’t even keep our water co-op wells going.

And the locals, like dimwitted lemmings, are giving Al Barbarich standing ovations for a few hundred dollars in donations to local non profits.

Predatory capitalism at work.  Take unlimited FREE water, destroy the environment, contribute essentially nothing, take everything you can until there is nothing.

And the demented population loves it.

Rape, plunder, pillage …  with impunity.   Nothing ever changes.

What the hell is wrong with the people here?


Under a shortage condition, water allotments to Arizona would be reduced by 320,000 acre-feet, Nevada by 13,000 acre-feet, and Mexico by 50,000 acre-feet.

90% of Southern Nevada’s water comes from Lake Mead. The Southern Nevada Water Authority says if a declaration is made there’s no need to panic. There will still be more than enough water with the region using about 250,000 acre-feet of water last year.

“The shortage that is prescribed on the Colorado River is really not going to affect Southern Nevada because we have done so much to reduce our water use,” Bronson Mack, a spokesperson for the water authority, said.

Back in September 2020, the Bureau of Reclamation released models that suggested looming shortages in Lake Powell and Lake Mead were more likely than previously thought between expanding cities and prolonged drought.


Free Covid antibody testing in Kingman

I just looked through the Meadview “News”  and I couldn’t find a single instance of ANY article or advertisement referencing the pandemic, Covid, social distancing, masks or any hint of concern for the lives of our mostly old and/or sick residents.

Over 3000 people died from Covid yesterday. 

After 9/11, we DESTROYED the Middle East to revenge 3,000 lives. Now, the Meadview leadership (COM and the businesses) doesn’t care about the lives of our many extremely vulnerable residents.  The articles and ads in the Meadview “News” entice folks from areas where Covid rules are actually enforced to come to Meadview to PARTY and have a GREAT TIME — as if there was no pandemic.

The churches are advertising their services and choir practice with absolutely NO mention of any precautions.

The Fisherman’s Landing is advertising games! 

Visitors recently told me that they were NOT treated well at the Landing and they felt it was because they were wearing masks.   Nobody else in the bar wore a mask.

One can only hope that the Luck of the Stupid holds for Meadview.

I’m hoping that I already had Covid with no symptoms, am so worried that I’ll kill one of our vulnerable residents.  I shop for a friend who just turned 80.   Since I’m frequently in Kingman or Vegas and need to take care of business, I try to isolate, but I have to deliver the groceries and get my mail.

University of Arizona Research Study – State of Arizona COVID-19 Antibody Testing Initiative FAQs

As part of a statewide research study, the University of Arizona is analyzing the blood samples of hundreds of thousands of Arizonans to determine who has developed antibodies against the virus that causes COVID-19.

You have to register at https://covid19antibodytesting.arizona.edu/ and my test is scheduled at North Country across from the cemetery in Kingman.

Mohave County Racist LaJuana Gillette is STILL on the zoning board!

Local public racism is out of control! Mohave County Planning & Zoning commissioner LaJuana Gillette posted her racism, sexism and immigrant hating on her Facebook.   Supervisor Ron Gould had appointed her, refused to remove her, and instead spewed LIES about gays in his PUBLIC statements. From https://www.facebook.com/IndivisibleMohaveCounty/: The 1st Amendment is more than just FreedomContinue Reading

Monday 8/31/20 at DSCC: Meet Your Candidates and maybe even Coma Jack?

Mon 8/31 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Dolan Springs Community Council. This is a one-on-one event. Ask your questions in a private setting. Find out what the candidates want for your community. Voice your thoughts and see who you want to vote for WHY would I want to meet my candidates in a “one-on-one”Continue Reading

NO water, fires everywhere and supervisor Jean Bishop does NOTHING!

I just came back from the Greentree well and found out that BOTH wells are down. The recommendations are to try again tomorrow early morning before we’re out again because so many Californians are back for the weekend. However, it’s a ZERO SUM game.  Showing up earlier does NOT mean that we’ll have more waterContinue Reading

Supervisor Jean Bishop: Meadview needs a building moratorium NOW!

UPDATED below with Jean Bishop’s 8/10/20 reply Emailed to Supervisor Jean Bishop on 7/29/20: Dear Supervisor Bishop: Today I spoke with reps for the Lake Mead City Water Co-op and Unisource as our wells are constantly shutting down due to power issues. We live like in a developing country, or a “shithole country”, as PresidentContinue Reading

Total Wireless refusal to accommodate people with disabilities

After my NIGHTMARE with Verizon, I finally decided to switch to Total Wireless, apparently my only other option since they also utilize Verizon, the only carrier with decent signal in our rural area. Total Wireless = Straight Talk = Tracfone. For weeks I’ve tried to discuss my options for new service with Total Wireless.  Continue Reading

Some info on our now dissolved non profit

In case someone wants to do something POSITIVE for Mohave County, here are the bylaws from our 2011 non profit: 6-21-11-Bylaws I’ll be glad to provide more info on incorporating, took excellent notes in our private “Directors Blog”.  It cost me about $450 and many hours, especially writing about the many obstacles we encountered, dealingContinue Reading

Mohave County TERRORISTS are threatening to kill protesters – claim police back them 100%

6/4/20 11 am:  I updated below with Supervisor Jean Bishop’s disappointing response, condoning the threats to kill us by IGNORING them.   Nothing from Mayor Miles, KPD, Sheriff Schuster or any other official.  Racist bastards. There would have been SO many more peaceful protestors FOR equality and AGAINST murder if people hadn’t been threatened by theContinue Reading