The TRUTH documented — history, reality, conspiracy — how America is radicalized

Updated 8/17/19:  Added pics to all videos for the people who have trouble reading and now you can just scroll down for the pictures to watch the videos 🙂

PUBLIC racism spreads through Mohave County, the country and the world.  Trump continues his assault not only on the people, but on all life on our beautiful planet.

WHY are even my friends who eat organic and KNOW the importance of a clean environment STILL supporting Trump?

In some cases, it’s because they truly believe that Trump is God’s chosen man and there is NOTHING anyone can say to them to get them THINKING again as long as they listen to those right wing fundamentalist pastors who are part of “The Family.”  As Trump himself stated proudly, he could walk down 5th Ave. shooting people and his followers would STILL love him.  There is NOTHING Trump could do to make his followers realize what an imbecile and narcissist he is.

America has been radicalized. 

First we radicalized Muslims and created ISIS, now we radicalized AMERICA.   ISIS is beheading people, radicalized Americans commit mass murders with their so beloved assault weapons.

Trump’s racism, bigotry and immigrant hating bears fruit.

A large percentage of Americans LOVE Trump, their Messiah, the chosen one.  Trump became a very willing tool for all nefarious groups.  Trump’s mental illness, the desire to be grand and loved, made him their perfect president.

Local public Racism is out of control!

Mohave County Planning & Zoning commissioner LaJuana Gillette posted about her racism, sexism and immigrant hating on her Facebook.   Supervisor Ron Gould had appointed her, but decided not only to support her, but he announced his hatred for gays and spewed LIES about gays in his PUBLIC statements.

I’m working on putting up pages with their statements to newspapers and screenshots and the actions taken by courageous residents to have both Gillette and Gould removed from office.

HOW did this happen?

Watch the documentaries below and read the articles (coming soon.)

It’s too time consuming to constantly have to look for links to MUST WATCH and MUST READ info in online discussion, so I decided to start this new page with reference links.

I will be updating this page with more resources.


The FamilyNetflix documentary exposing the power of the Christian fundamentalists in our government and worldwide.


The Family, the invisible organization, ensured that Christian fundamentalists became Trump’s base.  The Family supported fascism and totalitarian regimes worldwide since the times of Eisenhower.    The Family commits heinous crimes in the name of Jesus, influencing countries worldwide with their right wing racist gay hating agenda.  The Family opens markets to arm dealers and vile corporations, they influenced every president since Eisenhower and they made Trump their man:

Trump is the chosen one.

The congressional prayer meetings, the congressmen who are part of the Family — exposed in countless interviews of whistle blowers, active members of the Family and footage of investigations of the corrupt senators and congressmen.

In hiding and unseen for many decades, they now openly discuss their agenda, empowered by their strong hold over Trump.

This is a miniseries with 5 about 1-hr episodes.

Netflix’s ‘The Family’ Unmasks the Political Power of Christian Fundamentalists

We spoke with director Jesse Moss and author Jeff Sharlet about the “transactional relationship” between the Christian right and the government.

The Great Hack — how the 2016 election and prior elections world-wide were rigged by Cambridge Analytical (hired by the Trump campaign)

The biggest mass and TARGETED propaganda in the so-called free world since Hitler.  Many Americans are STILL falling for the propaganda — very much like the North Koreans and Chinese who truly LOVE their leaders, the NAZIS how still admire Hitler for his greatness and the people who STILL love Trump.

Cambridge Analytical threw numerous close elections all over the world prior to 2016.  Notably, they always support the right wing and fascist parties.

I no longer allow memes in my Facebook group Meadview Uncensored  (local news and activism). I’ve always DISLIKED memes.  They dumb people down.  Instead of THINKING about issues and researching, people share those stupid memes.  Cambridge Analytical designed the “crooked Hillary” memes and the ultra conservatives fell for them hook, line and sinker.  And the liberals fell for it, hook line and sinker!   They created their own memes and therefore contributed and continue to date to contribute to the intellectual demise of Americans.


I’ll appreciate any other suggestions on how to revive peoples’ ability to THINK FOR THEMSELVES!

You have an opinion?

Explain it!  Post a relevant article and briefly describe why we should read it.  READ the article first!  FACT CHECK the article BEFORE posting it!

The Money Masters — The history of the central banking system and control of the bankers over the American government, by Bill Still in 1995.

I’ve searched the web for fact checks several times and have yet to find anything more serious than a quote attributed to the wrong person.   I don’t usually watch this 3.5 hour documentary it in one sitting and it’s been a couple years now, time to watch it again.

You will learn not only how the Rothchilds started the central banking system in Germany, but why, how and when the American government was and sadly, is today run in large part by bankers, oil companies and defense industry.  How the Rockefellers became one of America’s most powerful families, how the Federal Reserve creates periodic depressions to facilitate the redistribution of assets from the working people to the super rich.  How serious legislative and presidential opposition to the Federal Reserve is ELIMINATED.

Pretrial conference re. $24000 theft from LMRFD — collusion and obstruction?

This is truly bizarre.    LMRFD chairwoman Deb Cass took this matter OFF the agenda at yesterday’s fire district board meeting.  The board was to provide updates on the prosecution of Phillip Picard, but Deb refused any discussion.

That really leaves me wondering what chairwoman Cass is covering up!   There’s something really wrong when a fire board member continually insists on NOT investigating and reporting on CRIMINAL activity.   While this $24k payroll theft is not exactly small potatoes, I’d want to know what happened if it was only $240.

My previous post about this theft:

How could LMRFD chief Tony DeMaio NOT notice $24,000 payroll fraud?

I asked Deb WHY she voted AGAINST prosecuting Picard and she stated that he paid back what he stole.

So my next question for Deb is why she doesn’t care to find out HOW this $24k theft happened without chief Anthony DeMaio noticing.

WHY, Deb?

Here is the 5/14/19 Grand Jury Indictment:

Picard’s arraignment was on 6/10/19 and he appeared telephonically as he now resides in Illinois and he was represented by attorney Troy Anderson.


Unfortunately, the court filing doesn’t include much info:

… Discussion ensues as to other cases that are pending, discovery and possible enhancement motions. The Court reads the charges, and advises the Defendant of the possible range of penalties involved. Discussion ensues as to any pending plea offer, and victim’s rights, if applicable. ..

The fire district should have had someone at the arraignment to report specifics.  Picard plead NOT guilty! So WHO did it?

The pretrial conference is scheduled for next Monday, 7/1 at 10 am, and I hope “someone” will be there to report what happened.

From the Mohave Daily article:

… Picard wrote fire district board members on his own behalf expressing surprise that numerous time sheets had been submitted for dates and hours he did not work.

“I informed Chief DeMaio and Karen that I want to make this right with the district and reimburse whatever overpayment has been made,” Picard said in an undated statement that is quoted in Bauer’s report. “From the bottom of my heart I would never purposefully steal from the fire district and only want to make it right by paying all wages that were incorrectly paid to me.” …

If Picard didn’t “purposefully” steal the $24k, who did?

More realistically, how did Picard pull this off without chief DeMaio noticing?

Was DeMaio in on it?

How did Picard pay the $24k back?

Maybe chairwoman Deb Cass has some answers?

If not, why don’t you care, Deb?

Collusion and obstruction?


Hello Deb,

Your attempts to bury the Picard theft are very suspicious.   I therefore request your comments regarding my post at [this page] and your explanation for removing the discussion of the Picard prosecution from the LMRFD agenda.

I also request that you add the Picard prosecution again to each agenda for updates until the matter is resolved and we all know what happened.  You may not care how Picard pulled this $24k theft off, but the residents whose lives depend on LMRFD have the right to know how this happened, what the district has done to prevent future thefts and why you, the chairwoman of the LMRFD board, do not care to get to the truth.



Deb’s 6/26/19 response:


Thank you for your concerns but I don’t feel it’s appropriate to respond as one board member to the Picard matter.  I can suggest you reach out to Administration, Karen who could help you with this.

Thank you,


REAL rain — a promising start for this monsoon season

We’ve already had thunderstorms in May and I’ve been enjoying the unusually cool June.

Lightening, thunder, rain and a beautiful sunset:

I was actually painting a shed earlier and had no idea we might get rain:

Rain by the Grand Wash Cliffs
Rain by the Grand Wash Cliffs
Runoff from the roof
Runoff from the roof

More than the usual 5 drops  / sqft and I finally shut off the irrigation

The garden loves it
The garden loves it

No filters, just the natural sunset:

How could LMRFD chief Tony DeMaio NOT notice $24,000 payroll fraud?

Just when I think I’ve seen it all! How could chief DeMaio NOT notice this $24k theft by fire fighter Phillip Picard? I’ve heard that he’s friends with Picard.  The chief’s administrative assistant works from home.  About half the LMRFD firefighters are leaving WITH DeMaio as he is resigning.  Has anyone audited THEIR time sheets?Continue Reading

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