On 11/1/11 I resigned from the board of directors because I’m way too busy to spend my time on corporate paperwork and never ending discussions while there’s absolutely no benefit to operating the gardening club as non profit. I’m a doer, not a talker and it became too frustrating to have to waste so much time on completely unproductive tasks.

I want to help other gardeners get the most from existing gardens and help build gardens and raised beds so that many residents can enjoy very inexpensive delicious organic veggies and salads with very little work.

When I incorporated the non profit in May we had planned on leasing property for a community center with a community garden as I explained in detail at Getting ready to look for land / property again.

Since there is no suitable property for a community center, we might lease a vacant lot along Pierce Ferry in LMC for a farm stand and to possibly have a community garden and maybe even a hoophouse. Maybe next year …

It makes NO difference to the club that we are not a non profit anymore, but I did have to get a new domain name and I had to move the site – a royal pain in the butt.

We decided on https://highdesertdirt.com because we are in the high desert, we garden in dirt and this site is not only about gardening, but there’s all kinds of dirt to write about.  And of course domain names like highdesertliving were already taken.

I’m currently updating all pages to reflect the change in organization.