In November we had fewer burglaries than the previous month and no fires.  I assume that the 11 commercial vehicle inspections were for the buses.  We had more accidents in November:

Nature of Incident Total Incidents

Abandoned Vehicle 1
Agency Assistance 1
Alarm 2
Animal Problem 2
Burglary 1
Commercial Vehicle Inspection 11
Citizen Assist 2
Community Service 1
Disorderly Conduct 1
Domestic Violence/Assault 1
Information Report 1
Medical Emergency 8
Code 34 2 [motorist assist, vehicle appearing to be inoperable on or near the roadway.]
Traffic Accident w/ Damage 4
Traffic Accident, w/ Injuries 1
Private Prop Acc-No Report 1
Extra patrol 5
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 8
Theft 3
Traffic Violation 1
Unsecure Premise 2

Total reported: 59

Report Includes:
All dates between `00:00:00 11/01/11` and `23:59:59 11/30/11`, All agencies, All natures, All locations matching `MVEWD`, All responsible officers, All dispositions, All clearance codes, All observed offenses, All reported offenses, All offense codes, All circumstance codes

Jose just checked the Sheriff’s press releases and we found nothing for Dolan Springs or Meadview.  Unfortunately, they only go a week back.  We’ll “try” to check regularly.

A big thank you to the Sheriff’s Office for preparing these statistics for us.  It’s nice to see what’s going on in our neighborhood.