In December we had NO burglaries and no fires, one auto burglary, one vandalism and two thefts.  I assume that the 10 commercial vehicle inspections were for the buses.  A quiet month.

Nature of Incident Total Incidents

Abandoned Vehicle 1
Agency Assistance 1
Animal Problem 3
Animal Welfare 1
Auto Burglary 1
Commercial Vehicle Inspection 10
Citizen Assist 6
Paper Service 1
Vandalism 1
Disorderly Conduct 2
Loud Party 1
Medical Emergency 6
Code 34 4 [motorist assist, vehicle appearing to be inoperable on or near the roadway.]
Order of Protection 1
Traffic Accident, w/ Injuries 1
Extra patrol 8
Registered Sex Offender 1
Stray Animal 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 2
Theft 2
Traffic Hazard 1
Traffic Violation 1
Trespassing 1
Unsecure Premise 2
Weapon Offense 1
Welfare Check 1

Total reported: 61

Report Includes:

All dates between `00:00:00 12/01/11` and `23:59:59  12/31/11`, All agencies, All natures, All locations matching `MVEWD`, All responsible officers, All dispositions, All clearance codes, All observed offenses, All reported offenses, All offense codes, All circumstance codes