A busy month!  Assault,  2 burglaries and 92 vehicle inspections:

Nature of Incident Total Incidents

Agency Assistance 1
Animal Problem 4
Assault 1
Burglary 2
Commercial Vehicle Inspection 92
Citizen Assist 5
Citizen Dispute 1
Deliver Message 1
Disorderly Conduct 1
Domestic Violence/Family Fight 1
Fire 1
Harassment 1
Medical Emergency 6
Code 34 3
Traffic Accident w/ Damage 2
Extra patrol 1
Runaway Juvenile 1
Stray Animal 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 2
Theft 1
Traffic Violation 1
Warrant Arrest 1
Welfare Check 1
Total reported: 131

Report Includes:
All dates between `00:00:00 01/01/12` and `23:59:59 01/31/12`, All agencies, All natures, All locations matching `MVEWD`, All responsible officers, All dispositions, All clearance codes, All observed offenses, All reported offenses, All offense codes, All circumstance codes
rplwtir.x2 02/21/12

If we had the time to check the Sheriff’s press releases we might know more about the burglaries.  One is probably the theft of the coin changer at the laundromat.

A big thank you to the Sheriff’s Office for preparing these statistics for us.  Now if they only left the press releases up more than a week (why not archive them indefinitely, it doesn’t cost ANYTHING!), we’d go back and look for info on the burglaries.

I also left just left another VM for Deputy Troy Schmotzer, Civil Division, at (928) 753-0756, the person in charge of the obnoxious high crime signs in our neighborhood that bring down the value of our properties even more.