I just read in the Miner that the Anandagiri Path of Self-Realization requested a zoning use permit for a church camp between Temple Bar and Greg’s Hideout:

Monastery near Lake Mead gets initial OK from zoners

I read almost everything at their website http://www.anandagiri.org/ and listened to today’s service with Swami Vijay:

Dogmatism Vs Common Sense 3/4/2012

I like what I heard.

While I’m not into “organized religion”, I really hope that they get approved and build a community here.  I sure wish I had the time to meditate, but am always so busy and have so many projects going.

Swami Vijay wrote several books and I should read his Stress Solutions.

Do they garden?

We’d love to share what we’ve learned about growing organic food in the desert and help them build a hoophouse.