At the end of the day we had a beautiful sunset with a double rainbow. Unfortunately, it had mostly faded by the time I took the picture:

We only got a few drops of rain here, but saw lots of lightning on the mesa.  The forecast calls for a 20-50% chance of rain every day for the next week, so maybe we’ll get lucky.

This dust cloud probably came from Red Lake:

The dust cloud moved through very quickly.   Several years ago we had a dust storm with so much sand in it, I couldn’t stay outside.  This one either was too far away or it lacked the sand.

In the afternoon we smelled and then noticed the smoke from a fire south of Diamond Bar over the mountain, it looked just like the fire a couple of weeks ago.  At night we saw  a fire burning on our side of the mountain and it really got going as the wind picked up.  By 11 pm it was barely visible anymore.

We also shot the 4th rattler this season. The snakes sure like the shade in our gardens.

Today it’s cloudy, calm and cooler.  Time to work outside!