I checked the MCA website and there is still no mention of the September board meeting.  So I called the MCA and Maggie confirmed the meeting at 9 am on Saturday.  I pointed out to her that the meeting was not announced at the MCA website and she responded:

No, it isn’t on the website, we do not put it on the website.

They USED to post the meetings and still announce the August board meeting on the Events page:

08/11/2012 09:00 am Monthly MCA Board Meeting

I’ve heard that Tom O’Keeffe gets paid for maintaining the MCA website, but how much he gets paid and why the website contains so little useful information is one of my many questions for the MCA board.

I’ll be attending the meeting with my camcorder and a sample petition to call a special election to dissolve the MCA. I want to make sure the petition meets their approval.

Here is my email requesting the listing of all scheduled meetings, agendas, financial statements and minutes and notice of video taping:


Attention: MCA Board of Governors

1) As per ARS 33-1804 I hereby request a listing of ALL scheduled meetings for the next month as well as the agenda for every meeting.

See http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/ars/33/01804.htm&Title=33&DocType=ARS

I just checked the “events” page at the MCA website and it does not even list the next board meeting! Please provide a complete listing of ALL meetings, note whether they are open or not and provide the agenda.

Additionally, I expect that the board will comply with ALL aspects of ARS 33-1804, such as providing members with the opportunity to speak on all issues.

At the August board meeting, president AJ Hyslop made up the rule that I had 40 seconds to speak, he told me that my time was up and refused to allow me to speak on any other issues. This is clearly a violation of state law and I once again ask you to comply with the LAW and to inform the members of ALL rules and procedures at the MCA website or through mailings to all members.

2) I will be video taping the September board meeting. From ARS 33-1804:

“Persons attending may tape record or videotape those portions of the meetings of the board of directors and meetings of the members that are open.”

Please advise of any rules governing the taping 5 days prior to the meeting.

3) Please provide me with copies of the current financial statement and balance sheet and the minutes of the board meetings for the last 24 months.

Please also provide a listing of the minutes (# of pages) from all committee meetings for the last 12 months OR allow me to inspect these documents at the MCA office.

Pursuant to ARS 33-1805, you may charge up to 15 cents/copy, which I agree to do. I will pick up the documents at the next board meeting.

See http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/ars/33/01805.htm&Title=33&DocType=ARS


Christine Baker

I have NOT received a reply.