I think it was around 3 am when I woke up to rain and thunder. I was reading for about 2 hours, hoping we wouldn’t get hit by lightning. Apparently this was a huge system and the entire area got drenched.

Around 10 AM I checked our roof runoff holding pond and it still had quite a bit of water in it:

I just checked again (12:30 PM) and it still has a little water, is slowly draining into the dirt on our hill, just as planned. This was the first time we saw any water in it since winter. We only had one good rain this summer, a few weeks ago when it rained for a few hours and not very hard. We had no runoff at all that day.

Our driveway washed out a little bit last night and I’m glad we dug this water storage hole (holds about 1000 g) and the swales on our hill. The trees appreciate the deep soaking.