Saturday 11/24/12 High Desert Gardening Club fund raiser at the Meadview Community Church

This Saturday at the Community Church in Meadview

540 W. Hualapai (follow the signs)

9 am to 2 pm.

The gardening club & co-op is selling various plants, provides free literature and FREE DVDs with the incredible documentary Genetic Roulette, the Gamble of our Lives.

12/25/10: our Christmas salad was harvested from a raised bed after cold spells down to 9 F and from indoor tomato plants

We’ll also have a table for High Desert Permaculture with some of our organically grown plants, seeds, amendments, diatomaceous earth for non toxic insect control and gardening accessories.

25% of our PLANT sales will be donated to the High Desert Gardening Club:

  • Palo Verde 2 – 3 ft tall (fast growing and extremely drought tolerant trees)
  • Rosemary in 1 gallon pots (native and rabbits won’t eatthem)
  • Aloes in various sizes and varieties (everybody should have at least one aloe for medicinal use)
  • Various organic lettuce, kale and mustard seedlings ready to transplant
  • Lettuce bowls planted with organic lettuce, kale and mustard seedlings
  • Various houseplants (they clean the air and remove toxins from carpets, furniture, etc.)
  • Premium organic cocoa powder (GOOD for the heart!) and organic coconut oil (great for cooking and skin care).

Lots of FREE literature and advice. 

Yes, you CAN grow salad through winter here and a simple raised bed provides for many much more delicious and healthy salads than you could ever buy at any store!

If you have ANY questions about gardening and food, please stop by and ask.

FYI, in case you’re wondering why you don’t see our ads in the Meadview News anymore, COM refuses to run the ads for the gardening club and Jose’s services because I am “against the MCA”:

The fact that I run the gardening club kept this ad out of the Meadview News.  We had been advertising in the Meadview News for about two years and ever since I started the gardening club, our ads were primarily for club meetings and I included Jose’s services because we paid for the ads with our personal funds.

I’ll elaborate on the future of COM in another post and I hope they’re not going to refuse Canyon’s End’s ads because the gardening club meets there.

Please support healthy locally grown food and our talented crafters and artists and buy your Christmas presents at the Community Church this Saturday!

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  1. Sawdustcreek Wood Works would be delighted to donate a birdhouse for a raffle to benefit high desert gardening club. .We have a booth at the church on the 24th and would gladly set up a spot and sell tickets..Call Steve or Kelly 9285300241 or email us at sawdustcreek Let us help for the great cause of organic gardening

  2. I see the “Meadview elite” are up to their old tricks again. The church was told yesterday that the sign for the one day show [today] will not be allowed on the blvd. That the chamber had taken a vote, and voted against it. That strip of land is owned by the county, and certainly not by a non profit like the chamber. I find it difficult to fathom the “drunken uncle and goofy nephew” had the gall for this one. Also, how can an organisation such as the chamber dictate to a church event/ fundraiser? What about the MCA event, same day. Wake up Meadview. Gardner Mckay

  3. The church sale sure was a HUGE success! I noticed that there were no signs on the median, but people found us anyway. I heard you were there, but I missed you, was selling tacos for the Quail.

    As I’ve been told, the church started the sale about 15 or so years ago when the MCA could not accommodate everybody anymore. So take for example the Tucson rock show where people from all over the world bring fossils, rocks and meteorites and sales are held even in motel rooms! Lots of vendors, lots of buyers and everybody is happy!

    Strangely, Meadview seems to be cursed by this hatred for anyone who does anything that wasn’t concocted and approved by the clique. While the Meadview arts and crafts sale would obviously never reach the rock show proportions, I think it would be great to have multiple sales on the same day and it would really make it worth peoples’ while to visit for the weekend or maybe even just for the day from Kingman or Vegas.

    I sure can’t follow the logic of the people who run Meadview.

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