Chuck immediately advised the board that there was no quorum because the board failed to VOTE on AJ’s appointment of Grant Veile and Jack Newell after the resignations of Pinkey Elliot, Tom O’Keeffe and Karen Frush at the last meeting.

AJ argued that he properly APPOINTED the new board members.  HOWEVER, from the bylaws:

SECTION 18. VACANCIES. Whenever a vacancy in membership of the Board occurs, the remaining members of the Board shall have the power, by the majority vote, to select a qualified member of the Association to serve until the next annual election. At that time, after the full term offices have been satisfied, the person(s) receiving the next highest votes will be elected to fill any unexpired term

AJ did NOT have the power to appoint the new board members, but the board SHOULD have voted.  Since Aiko Graeber was NOT present today, we had only two of the five board members present and no business should have been conducted.

Of course that doesn’t stop the current MCA board. Jack Newell LOVES to hear himself talk and I thought we’d never get through this meeting.  Rick Sherwood left early and he already posted his review.

And just when I thought I’d seen it all, AJ Hyslop declared that only members approved by the “election committee” and the board can run for governor.

THEY decide who is a “member in good standing” and eligible to serve on the board – not based on the criteria in the bylaws, but according to who they like.

Who decides who is on the election committee?

Gladys Burk, the president of COM, the non profit organization whose board voted to refuse the High Desert Gardening Club and Jose’s advertisements in the Meadview News because of their affiliation with me.

AJ had the nerve to say that they are following the rules and  I told him that I’m SICK of his lies. I asked Grant Veile to read the definition of “member in good standing” and requirements to run for office, but he refused to do so.

From the 5/26/12 Bylaws (added to the MCA FAQ today):

SECTION 7. MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING. A member shall be in good standing, when all lots owned for which the current and all delinquent assessments have been paid’

Clearly, I’m a member in good standing as I lived on an MCA lot since 2006 and my dues are paid.


SECTION 1. NUMBER OF MEMBERS. The business and affairs of the Association shall be managed and controlled by an elected Board of Governors which shall consist of not less than three (3) members nor more than twenty-five (25) members who shall be members of the Association in good standing. The Board of Governors shall elect from their members a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.

SECTION 1. (i) Candidates must be permanent residents of Meadview, Arizona for a period of one (1) year on a MCA Membership Lot immediately preceding declaration of their intention to run for the Board of Governors and continuing during their entire term located within Meadview in any of the following units: Meadview Highlands, Meadview Valley Unit 1, Meadview Terrace Unit 2, Meadview Knolls, Meadview Valley Unit 2, Meadview Foothills, Meadview City Center, Meadview Unit 1, Meadview Unit 2, Meadview Terrace, Meadview 3, Country Estates, Meadview Unit 8, Meadview Unit 5, Meadview Unit 4, Meadview Unit 3, Meadview Unit 9, Meadview Unit 6, and Meadview Unit 7.

SECTION 1. (ii) Candidates and members of Committees and Board Members in good standing (as defined in Article II Section 7) as to each and every lot in which such candidates or member holds any interest.

SECTION 1. (iii) A Candidate is ineligible to serve on the Board of Governors jf the candidate has a family member on the Board of Governors of the Association living in the same household.

SECTION 1. (iv) A candidate is ineligible to serve on the Board of Governors if the candidate has a family member employed by the Association.

There is NOTHING in the bylaws giving the board or the election committee the right to disqualify members who want to run based on their personal dislike for them.

Ray Beaton told me after the meeting that I was not eligible to run because, I’m paraphrasing, I publish my opinions and I’m not a supporter of the current rules and procedures.

Someone asked me during the meeting what I want from the MCA and I said that I want to eliminate the enforcement of the deed restrictions and make it a COMMUNITY organization, open to the public.

Apparently they didn’t read my 11/10/12 OPEN LETTER to the community and the MCA.

They were outraged.  After the meeting a woman asked me whether I am a communist.  These people actually think that a person interested in the welfare of a community is a communist.   When I tried to explain the difference to her, she screamed at me: “SHUT UP!!!

Ray Beaton also told me at the end of the meeting that I would not be allowed to attend the next meeting if I brought my camera.  So I’ll try to make time next week to draft my “intent to sue” notice.  Been extremely busy moving my sites to a new server and as we’re not retired, working for paying clients.

I haven’t had time yet to upload the videos from the November meeting, but will hopefully get everything on youTube next week.  If it wasn’t for the video, I wouldn’t have a chance in court because AJ Hyslop and Ray Beaton are very convincing liars.  The videos will make my case.

It’s no longer a question of whether there will be lawsuit, the only question is WHEN I’ll have the time to file suit.