It took a long time, been so busy and it literally took all night trying to upload an hour of video and I couldn’t do anything else on the web while it was uploading.  I finally had Frontier get me a new modem and they increased my upload speed and that helps a lot.

I’m posting my current YouTube description of the videos.  Please let me know if any of the times are incorrect and I will probably revise and add to the descriptions as these videos will likely be used in litigation to document the board members’ extraordinary ignorance and incompetence (and that’s being kind.)

11/10/12 MCA Board Meeting PART 1

Meadview Civic Association 11/10/12 meeting.  President AJ Hyslop read the letters of resignation of board members  Karen Frush and Tom O’Keeffe.

At 5:43 the minutes of the PRIVATE 10/30/12 board meeting are read.  The board approved the 10/10/12 attorney/client agreement,  MCA members who are not board members or staff are limited to speak for 2 minutes, and very odd, something about non disclosure of MCA information to non members — which probably has to do with me and my publications.

Of course this SHOULD have been a PUBLIC meeting and the board can NOT revoke my 1st Amendment rights and require confidentiality of MCA information and records.  What do they think the MCA is?  Skull & Bones?

These morons can’t get into their thick skulls that they are a PLANNED COMMUNITY HOA and subject to Arizona state law.

16:00 A member asks whether documents are available online and AJ states that according to the “operation papers” certain things can not go online.  I stated that there is nothing in the bylaws or articles prohibiting publication on the web, but AJ told me I was “out of order” as this was not on the agenda.  Why did AJ so blatantly lie about the “operation papers?”

19:07 The changes to the Policies and Procedures discussed at the last monthly meeting were approved.

Next the new proposed budget was approved after some confusion over whether it is the actual or the proposed budget. I’d really like to see the audited financials for the last few years.

26:20 Member letter to the MCA requesting termination of maintenance guy Darrell is followed by several letters praising him.  OBVIOUSLY, the MCA board had been REQUESTING these letters in support of Darrell because the general membership did not know about this issue until this meeting.

It was also evident by the many rounds of applause that the board had encouraged everybody who likes the MCA to attend this meeting.  If only the 3,000 or so members who don’t live in Meadview had a chance to voice their opinions.

41:25:  Grant Veile’s speech that got him back on the board.

Seemingly never ending discussion regarding the monitor not being mailed …

11/10/12 MCA Board Meeting PART 2

This is part two of the 11/10/12 meeting with 3 board member resignations. I don’t know how much I missed because I did not realize I had run out of tape after the 1st hour (part 1). Apparently I didn’t miss much because they’re STILL talking about the budget.

When we finally got to open forum, AJ REFUSED to let me speak about the cash they wasted on having the constable serve their idiotic letter to me and to the tenant at my former home. I did get to state that I will accept the waiver of service so that these 33rd degree morons don’t waste more MCA funds.

When I mentioned the ILLEGAL late fees I was informed that they REFUNDED the illegal late fees. They never thanked me for saving the MCA potentially many thousands in legal fees because I sent them NUMEROUS notices with the links to and quotes from state law. Instead of thanking me, they harassed me and disseminated defamatory entirely FALSE statements about me in their idiotic letter. I am seriously wondering whether the board members are mentally challenged.

At is totally unclear WHEN and HOW the board finally decided that I was right and that the late fees were illegal. Apparently more secret meetings were held.

They amended the Bylaws with respect to the late fees WITHOUT approval of the membership — as required by the bylaws.

12:30 Pinkey Elliot resigned.

14:05 Gladys Burk was appointed to head the election committee — NO vote was taken, but she is part of the Meadview clique, so I suppose a vote wasn’t necessary.

16:20 AJ appointed Jack Newell to be on the board, but he declined, Then AJ appointed Grant Veile and Jack Newell accepted his nomination after all.

Notably, the board did not vote following AJ’s appointment of the new board members.

19:20 AJ is on an extended power trip and reduces the number of board members to 5 without a vote by the board.

20:05: Another AJ speech.

At NO time did the board vote on the reducing to the number of board members to 5 members or to appoint the new board members.

Chuck was right at the 12/8/12 meeting when he stated that they had no quorum as the new members had not been voted into office by the board. I still have to upload the video for the 12/8/12 meeting video.