Rayner on the upcoming MCA election:

Interesting thoughts, 9 board members from all organizations. I’ve been going to the MCA meetings for almost a year now and I don’t think that ANY board member has EVER voted against any motion. They’re “all the same.”

Since they determined recently that members who don’t put up with the ILLEGAL MCA activities are NOT members in good standing and can’t run for office (I’m not allowed to run), I don’t see how anything could change.

Of course my vision of the MCA is to not just include all organizations, but to include all PEOPLE:

  • ANYBODY can join the MCA.
  • ALL members in good standing (paid dues) have the right to vote.
  • NO enforcement of the IDIOTIC deed restrictions — if it’s legal with the county, it’s OK to drill a well, keep chickens, operate a home based business …

I agree with Rayner that the board should have to vote on suspensions.

More important, the members accused of violating rules need to get a chance to speak at OPEN meetings and everything needs to be video recorded so that the TRUTH can eventually prevail.

And what is the deal with AJ, the fire department and ID theft?