At the last board meeting they said to have any items to be discussed added to the agenda.  So here’s my email to the MCA board with 7 items to be added:


To:  All Board Members:

Please add the following items to the agenda for the 1/12/13 board meeting. As always, I will be video recording the board meeting to use as evidence in court.

1) Ray Beaton advised that I am not a member in good standing for the purpose of running for MCA office.

As a member in good standing (my dues are paid), I would like the board to explain on camera why it feels that it can hand pick candidates they like and exclude anyone who is critical of the often ILLEGAL MCA practices.

2) Please explain why the board had its 10/30/12 letter delivered by the constable to me and to the tenant at my former home.

I have repeatedly advised the board in writing that I prefer to communicate by email and it appears that the intent of this letter was to defame me with totally ludicrous false allegations. I’d also like to know how much MCA money the board has wasted on legal fees and why.

3) Please explain when and how you changed the late fees.

Did the letter of appreciation for my pointing out to the board that the late fees were illegal get lost in the mail? You don’t have to pay the constable to deliver this letter to me and an email expressing your appreciation and apologies will be fine.

4) As Chuck pointed out at the last board meeting, there was no quorum.

The video recording of the 11/8/12 board meeting proves that AJ reduced the number of governors and appointed 2 new governors without a vote by the board – in violation of the bylaws.

5) I would like to attend all committee meetings.

I have previously requested information about committee meetings and I have yet to receive a response.

6) Please explain why the board refuses to provide me with the minutes of the meetings as I have requested them in writing so many times already.

The MCA needs to comply with state law and I have previously provided the board with the internet link to the applicable Arizona state law.  I have repeatedly asked for the minutes and I will pay for the copies.  Please provide the minutes of ALL board meetings for 2011 and 2012.

7) Please explain why the board falsely claims that MCA business is confidential.

There is NOTHING in the MCA articles or bylaws to revoke my first amendment rights and I certainly did NOT sign any confidentiality agreement. The MCA isn’t Skull & Bones and if some MCA members wish to start a secret society, that is certainly their right, but I sure don’t want to be part of it and the MCA is NOT a secret society.

STOP intimidating the members!  

See you on Saturday,

Christine Baker