The weather was perfect today for boating, with no wind at all:


Last time I was boating in 2008 there was NO dock because the lake was so low.  So this is a huge improvement.1-9-13-lake-dock

When we first arrived, the ducks came out of the water to greet us.  Here they’re having a powow, discussing what to do since we didn’t bring any duck food.


They decided to get back in the water and this black little “duck” or whatever it is joined them:


If you know what these black birds are, please let us know! 

They don’t have webbed feet and or a duck beak and they dive extensively.

Just about all the other boaters had food for the ducks and here the ducks are begging for more crackers:


We also saw some kind of crane, but the pics didn’t turn out.  It looks like it will be a while till we get another warm day, it sure was nice today.  Can’t wait for spring!