JoAnn at the MCA told me today that Thursday 1/31/13 is the deadline to submit your submission for inclusion in the Monitor.  Since hardly anyone reads the Monitor anymore, I don’t think that’s very important.

At the last MCA board meeting they announced the exact procedures, but we got nothing in writing, there’s no mention of the election at the MCA website and I haven’t uploaded the video recording yet.  So, I don’t remember what the exact requirements are.    But I think you can still run up to the time of the voting – not sure.

While the MCA board and their attorney Basinger advised me at the last meeting that I was NOT allowed to run because I want to change the rules and procedures, I decided to submit my paperwork with my “bio” anyway because it’s quite likely that we will end up in court.  My “bio” is primarily about my objectives, major changes to the MCA rules and procedures, and not allowing me to run because I’m for change is a violation of the MCA articles.

The MCA board and attorney Basinger seem to think that the MCA members are slaves to the articles and bylaws.  I have a different view:

The MCA exists to serve us — the members.

Just because some developers decided in 1970 that I can’t have chickens, a well or a home based business doesn’t mean that this is still appropriate in 2013, 43 years later.   Similarly, many deed restrictions from the 50s and 60s limited ownership and occupancy to whites.

Change is a GOOD thing!

If humans hadn’t evolved, we’d still be living in caves.   I don’t quite understand why the MCA board and its supporters are stuck in 1970.

So here is my bio, which is actually a comprehensive list of the changes I would work and vote for if elected:

Bio of Christine Baker for 2013 MCA election of board of governors

In 2000 Christine Baker moved to Lake Mead City after traveling for several years and in 2007 she moved to Unit 7 to build her off grid home.

In September 2011 Christine formed the High Desert Gardening Club and she passionately opposes genetically modified food.  She loves to help residents grow nutritious organic salad, herbs, veggies and fruit and she also manages the Lake Mead Community Association Organic & Bulk Food Co-op.

In 2/12 Christine attended the MCA board meeting to request permission to use the facilities for the gardening club, a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  The MCA board denied her request and she since attended most board meetings.  She is outraged by the board’s abuse of power and MCA funds and she decided that the MCA must either be changed significantly or be dissolved.

If elected, Christine will work and vote to make the MCA an OPEN COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION to serve ALL residents.

Specifically, Christine supports:

– NO dues increases

– $50 social membership open to anyone

– Voting rights for social members

– Free use of the facilities for non profit activities

– Paid use of the facilities for commercial / private activities

– Services to benefit the community and residents for affordable fees

A greatly enhanced MCA website with:

  • MCA articles, CC&Rs, bylaws, rules & procedures, financials and minutes of all board and committee meetings and the bios of members of the board and committees
  • Announcements of all board and committee meetings and agendas.
  • Video recordings of all open MCA board and committee meetings
  • Member discussion forum

– Abolishing the architectural committee and guidelines

– Abolishing enforcement of the deed restrictions (CC&Rs).

Reducing operating and maintenance expenses and salaries by 50%

For more details on how I would reduce the MCA expenses please visit

I’m getting close to finishing a couple new websites and then I’ll get to work on the “Unofficial MCA News” site with the details on the MCA finances.