I don’t have any details, but 2 people told me yesterday that they heard from reliable sources that Ray resigned.  If so, all the directors who had been ELECTED have now resigned.   The remaining board members have been appointed to fill vacancies and we’ll have 7 vacancies to fill at the elections.

As I wrote in my post about AJ’s resignation, I don’t expect any significant changes after the election in May.  I’ll proceed with my efforts to eliminate ALL restrictions in Unit 7 and at the same time ask for votes to dissolve the MCA.

It occurred to me that we might need a LOT fewer votes to call a special meeting to dissolve the MCA because apparently MANY members are not eligible to vote.   According the Jack Newell, the MCA income was less than $50,000 in January.   How can that be?

4200 lots should bring in $147,000.  Did only 1,400 member pay their dues?

If so, we’ll need only 140 signatures to call for a special meeting to dissolve the MCA.  I’ll contact the MCA for clarification.  Jack didn’t have any information about the expenses and maybe he was wrong about the income.