Petition opposing rezoning for “park and ride” at Frenchie’s

Just today I found out that a petition is circulating to oppose the rezoning of Frenchie’s, the place next to Rogers’ Market.  Tomorrow at 10 AM is the Planning and Zoning hearing.   From the AGENDA:

6. Evaluation of a request for a REZONE of Assessor’s Parcel No. 336-09-487, from a C-2 (General Commercial) zone to a C-2H (General Commercial Highway Frontage) zone, to allow a park-and-ride bus service, in the Meadview vicinity (east side of Pierce Ferry Road between Smith Road and Donnie Road), Mohave County, Arizona. Grand Canyon Resort JM

You can read Linda and Ron Rogers’ letter opposing the rezoning.

Most (all?) residents don’t appreciate those stinking buses.

Notably, I had heard something about rezoning and I was wondering why I didn’t see the notice posted at the property.   Word on the street today was that they posted the sign BEHIND the building.  That sure explains why I didn’t see the notice.

If this is true, the application should be automatically declined.

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  1. I was at Rodger’s Market one morning and one of those ole wrecks smoked on by and left Ron, Steve, and I inhaling a cloud of toxic diesel fumes how dangerous is that we were in and out with our beer and bait for fishing, but Ron who owns the store and works there as well is subject to that horrible smell all day long. I drove a tour bus in Canada for about 5 years and a well serviced bus does not smoke and choke like those ones they run up and down diamond bar road what a way to ruin our beautiful Joshua forest. NO to the park’n ride.

    • I am sure there are many with the same views as us on this, who has a petition opposing this? I’m ready to sign

      • I should post an update on this. I think it’s too late for the petition, they already took it to the last supervisor meeting.

        Just talked to Ron at Rogers’ Market the other day and he said that the Indians are supposed to arrange a meeting with the residents, but he is not aware that they’ve been doing anything.

        And it is very odd that they’d want to sink a lot of money into that because Diamond Bar is now being paved anyway — so why bother for just a year or so?

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