Apparently they told the candidates to come back to the MCA at 4 pm today so that the elected new board  could have the first meeting.  Then they were told that it would probably be MONDAY until they got done counting.


Yes, there were a lot of absentee ballots, but not THAT many.   I have no idea how the O’Keeffes got involved with the ballot counting.

The annual board meeting almost made me puke.

Applause for the liars and crooks who SHOULD be in jail for filing false 911 reports, wasting thousands of dollars on completely unnecessary legal fees and continually and willfully violating the bylaws and state law.

It was truly repulsive to have to listen to the speeches and campaigning.

After the meeting I was talking to another member about the candidates and Gladys Burk asked us to go outside.  What the hell?  She obviously endorsed Grant Veile when addressing the members and stating how important it is to have board members with experience and Grant spoke about all the stuff he had done for the MCA (clearly CAMPAIGNING), but we can’t talk about the candidates in a PRIVATE conversation?  Not to mention that we had already submitted our absentee ballots last week.

The bylaws prohibit electioneering within 100 ft of the MCA on election day. 

Grant’s speech disqualified him.

He was the only candidate allowed to address the membership and it was obvious that the board wanted him to be elected.

Good thing I have the video.

And now we wait till Monday to get the election results?  Unbelievable.