The UK MailOnline has an article on the tour bus that flipped over on Pierce Ferry and it was even linked on Drudge:

Raging flood flips tour bus in Arizona and sweeps it 300 yards downstream after driver tries to cross submerged roadway

Swept Away: A flash flood in Arizona swept this tour bus 300 yards downstream before flipping it over

It’s apparently not true that the passengers had to swim as the MailOnline states, according to the Miner they only had to get out of the bus and fortunately nobody was hurt.

Today the Miner had an article about possible charges:

Charges possible in tour bus accident
Company: Driver did everything ‘absolutely right’

… “Bessy Lee of CHD Tours said the driver did everything “absolutely right.” “He stopped and checked the road,” said Lee, the marketing and brand director. “He saw the passenger car go through the wash and even the passengers and tour guide said it should be OK to cross.”

Lee said the driver was cautious, and if anything he drove too slow.

“The driver did a fabulous job,” she said.
Lee was critical of Mohave County for not having officers in the area to warn motorists.
“You’d think the authorities would be out there to tell people to please be careful. There were no warnings.”
Lee was also critical of the one-hour response time. …

Is Bessy missing half a brain?
CHD Tours should be BANNED from AZ roads because obviously they’ll drive into flash floods AGAIN — as instructed by their management.

It’s one thing to make a mistake and drive into the water, but to insist that the driver did everything right AFTER seeing the result … truly incredible!

I was in Kingman today and there was still a lot of water in the usually dry washes.  We got NO rain in Unit 7 on Sunday, a little bit on Saturday and the most rain we saw was Saturday night a week ago, maybe an inch or so.

One residence at Glenn and Apple was hit by lightening TWICE, on both Saturdays.

18 Pictures of flooding in Dolan Springs and Kingman