I’m guessing it’s been 30 years since I’ve eaten at McDonald’s and I sure am glad for it!

LMCA is currently having a fundraiser for a microscope because we’re growing organic with state of the art aerated compost tea (multiplying the beneficial microbes in compost) and we want to see what’s in our brew. A microscope will also come in handy with identifying plant diseases, fungi and tiny pests.

I hadn’t thought of using it to examine food. I sure wonder what those black fibers in the chicken McNugget are:

Any guesses?

This is not extremely magnified as you can see the tweezers in the video. For more pictures, please visit Mike Adam’s site.

Even without the “fiber”, who’d want to eat THAT, whatever it is?   In the video he mentions the translucent chicken.  I’m guessing that they process the grizzle.

Guten Appetit!