Just as I got used to that beautiful November weather I woke up to snow on Tuesday:


And then it got COLD. Around 7:30 this morning the cold water at our bathroom sink was barely running and I was very surprised that it was frozen by 10 am despite the sunshine on the east wall.

Time to change the batteries in the outdoor thermometer!

It was 22 F in the shade and by the time I left for the Gardening Club meeting at 1:30 pm the temperature had dropped again to 22 F from the 23 F high.

When I got home at 5 pm it was 15 F, rapidly dropped to 6 F by around 7 pm. Now it’s 9 pm and we’re up to 8 F.

We are near Lake Mead City, a few hundred feet higher than Meadview. The forecast for Meadview is 21 F for tonight, the observed high was 39 F at 3:05 pm.

It’s not unusual for us to have 10 degrees lower temperatures than Kingman or Meadview, but today we were 15 degrees colder.

Last night I transplanted a few basil and pepper plants from the hoophouse into pots, just on time. But I forgot to get the tomatoes and they were  frozen solid this morning.

On Saturday we’re supposed to get more snow and then it’s supposed to get even colder.

This is now the 3rd winter in the last 4 years with single digit temperatures.  Last winter it got down to 4 F in December and to 3 F in January.   And every time we have these extended cold spells lasting several days.

This is NOT normal!