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  1. Let’s not leave out the Chamber Of No Commerce not surprised just look at the stupid ass half wits who all want be in charge you know the ones who think that they’re the movers and the shakers. “How successful we are depends on how well we work together” quote from the Chamber President, guess they all didn’t work to well together if certain people weren’t so busy wanting to be in charge, gossiping, making up lies about people they wouldn’t of dug themselves into a worthless little demise.

  2. This is certainly not good news. Even I would have thought that your self appointed and anointed community leaders would have forseen these disasterous events. I, of course am referring to bryon shields, Jonathon Kaiser, Anthony carter,ted levendosky, and last, but certainly not least, the infamous if not odorous,picquant,yet verbose, helene brown Williams. [I hear many of you scrambling for pocket dictionary] Oh, nearly omitted Trent van wormer. It is unthinkable that this collection of buffoons were oblivious to this impending disaster.

    This will inevitably result in further deterioration of property values in a most rapid manner. Any responsible leadership would have sought a resolution. As a matter of fact, many such small communities. such as your overgrown doublewide mecca, have developed a cooperative [dictionaries helene and bryon], to provide necessities such as fuel, food, etc. and at a reduced price, probably half the old market and certainly the almost a hardware store. could be non profit. could even be fun if you could keep helene and her ilk out of it[dictionaries please] . If you are not alarmed about the state of your investments there, you should do some research. Even Jonathon couldn’t lie enough to sell a house for a decent price in today’s meadview market.

    as always, feel free to call or write, not that anybody ever does.

    Steve Robbins 928 530 0241


  3. Oh, and for future reference, the next time you have a yard sale, please feel free to post you sign on the blvd, infront of the market, it is county property. the camber of no commerce has no legal authority whatever. never did and never will. wake up meadview

  4. The nice organic restaurant in Dolan didn’t make it either. Dolan has the VFW and the Legion, the Wishing Well and the new Canyon Cafe across the street. Am I missing something?

    Of course I’d rather live in Dolan because there is no MCA, but it’s not exactly a culinary or cultural hotspot either. As I just wrote in a new post, I’m glad property prices are so low and we’re just doing our thing here and acquiring more property for people like us. The townies can do whatever they want.

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