Rogers’ Market closing after Christmas

I heard that Ron and Linda decided to retire [update 3/16:  Linda had broken her back and couldn’t run the store anymore] and it sure would be nice if they leased their little market to someone local with a vision.

While I really wanted to support Rogers’ Market, there was just NOTHING I could buy there except for the occasional 6-pack of Pilsner Urquell.  They carried it for a good price, but since I rarely drink beer, I only bought some once every couple years or so.  I don’t smoke cigarettes, I don’t buy lottery tickets and I don’t buy GMO foods.  I’d love to be able to buy fresh fruit and veggies.

Gas & Grub is supposed to reopen the Meadview Market, possibly in January, and Dollar General is supposed to be building the new store across from Canyon’s End on Pierce Ferry.

Quite frankly, I’d rather not see the Dollar General CORPORATE invasion into Meadview and in the almost 14 years I’ve lived here, I’ve had no need for ANY market and I buy my fuel in Kingman where it’s cheaper.  While I realize that the absence of a market and gas station hurts tourism, I didn’t move here to see tourists.

I LOVE that property prices are so incredibly low as we have had visitors who are looking to purchase cheap real estate in my neighborhood (Unit 7).

We’re creating a community with no need for markets selling cigarettes and toxic food.  We’re growing our own organic greens and we’re bringing in organic foods.  It’s efficient and it works.  Quite likely we’ll eventually open a co-op store selling real food.

The awful real estate market does hurt people who HAVE to sell and I feel bad about that, but most people in that situation have done NOTHING to make Meadview a more desirable place to live.

CLUE: Few people want to live among MCA Nazis who tell them how they have to live, that they have to pay for facilities they are NOT allowed to enjoy with non member friends, that they can’t drill a well, can’t hang their clothes on a clothes line, etc. etc. etc.

I plan to sue the MCA in 2014 as I’ve been too busy with our many projects to work on that.  I’m encouraging our friends and neighbors to NOT pay their MCA dues. Already over two thousand properties are delinquent and of course I will NOT pay the MCA dues bill I received today.

The Meadview elitists can do whatever they want. We don’t live “in” Meadview, but 6 or so miles south of “town” and aside from the occasional trip to the post office and for co-op deliveries, I rarely get to Meadview.

I love living in the Joshua Tree desert.

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  1. So you are planning to sue your friends and neighbors? I would think you would want to make sure there was plenty of money in the MCA coffers for you to grab.

  2. This is a very strange comment. Why would I sue my friends and neighbors?

    And last time I checked, the money grabbers are at the MCA, charging illegal late fees and providing absolutely NOTHING to dues paying members like myself.

    What’s up with you, Bucky? Care to explain?

  3. I pay my dues and it’s nice to use the pool and be able to enter the rec room when there are events there all year long, if I do the math here mca fees at 35 a year x10 years 350 maybe you can volunteer your time to the community instead of sewing them for something you have used

    • From 2006 until 2013 I also paid my dues. I never once used the pool or ANYTHING at the MCA. I do the math and I come up with $280 wasted.

      You like it, YOU pay for it.

      After all, I’m not demanding that you to pay for my entertainment.

      FYI, I founded the High Desert Gardening Club and Organic & Bulk Food Co-op (under the umbrella of the Lake Mead Community Association, a 501(c)3 non profit organization.) I personally volunteer at least 40 hours every month.

      The reason you don’t know that is because the assholes who run the MCA won’t let us use the auditorium for our meetings and the assholes who run the Meadview News (COM) refused our PAID advertisements for our totally free meetings and activities.

      Bob, what do you do for the community?

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