Today a “town hall meeting” was held at the MCA and since it was open to the public, I decided to take my recorder and camera so you can hear and see for yourself what’s going on in Meadview.  The MCA was PACKED with many people standing in the back.MCA

Sergeant, constable and judge Taylor [click to listen to the 1 hr 10 min mp3]

There has been NO burglary since early February and several perps have been arrested, as posted at the board next to the post office:

COM-boardAlso posted was this “warning:”


Now, I understand that people get upset when their neighbors’ homes are burglarized, but you got to put this in perspective.  I can’t remember EVER hearing of anyone being assaulted or threatened with a gun (except for the two guys shooting each other).  Mostly worthless stuff and scrap metal is stolen — BFD!

Rather than becoming paranoid, the people of Meadview should take responsibility for their properties.

Over 2 years ago I posted how anyone can secure their property:

Neighborhood Watch or effective security and COMMUNITY?

So how DUMB are the people of Meadview?  Apparently too dumb to spend $50 or maybe even a couple hundred dollars to secure their valuables.  Instead of being responsible adults, they whine and complain …

MOST burglarized homes were VACANT.

Why are so many homes vacant?  You’d think people would be lining up to buy the many incredibly cheap homes.  Where else can you buy a home for $20k to $40k?

Meadview is so unappealing, you almost can’t give away vacant lots.

I’ve seen many people move away when they realized how the Meadview cliques ruin this beautiful place.  The 33rd degree morons who run the MCA and COM will not allow anyone to make Meadview a better place for all.  They are determined to drive good people away.

I’ve met many very nice people in Meadview and we have several co-op and gardening club members from Meadview, but they’re not about to fight the lawless “leadership.”  After all, they moved here to retire in peace.

Can you imagine that Meadview once was a FUN place to live?

The MCA used to have all sorts of activities OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY and there used to be dances, parties and fund raisers and the Meadview residents had a great time — until the O’Keeffes, Newells and Gladys Burk et al took over and turned Meadview into the miserable place it is today.

If Meadview was a more desirable place to live, we wouldn’t have so many vacant properties.

It is also notable that there are so many part-timers here because few people can stand being here year round.  In fact, I never thought I’d spend a summer here, but it didn’t take long until I got used to the heat.  I love to travel myself, but if you want to live this kind of lifestyle and you can spend thousands of dollars on gasoline, you ought to be able to spend $50 to $200 / year to secure your property.

The sergeant made fun of the perps because they likely only own one pair of shoes.

How many shoes do you “victims” have?  How about you stop buying shoes and invest your money in taking care of your property?


I sure don’t want to see my tax dollars wasted on a deputy in Meadview because you’re too damn cheap to take care of your property.  Ever heard of insurance?

Judge Taylor’s campaign speech.

It’s incredibly to see this corrupt and/or incompetent justice of the peace talking about law enforcement.  Judge Taylor is one of many judges with absolutely no respect for the law, mediation rules and the Arizona rules of civil procedures.

Judge Taylor doesn’t care about justice and he is only concerned with ensuring that his lawyer buddies quickly get the judgments they apply for.  Judge Taylor openly encouraged attorneys to commit perjury in his court by completely ignoring fully documented perjury by Bullhead attorney Keith Knochel.  And his buddies at the county attorney’s office refused to prosecute.

Arizona has a long history of corrupt courts and there was a big scandal in Maricopa county about 13 or so years ago.  A convicted felon will always have the felony record.  In contrast, the Arizona courts’ corruption history has been essentially deleted.  There used to be an entire website about the Maricopa court corruption and subsequent actions taken, but I can no longer find it.  However, If you search for “Maricopa court corruption” you’ll find many NEW allegations.

Corrupt judges are a huge problem nationwide.  I suppose it’s human nature, from COM and the MCA to the courts to the county attorney and sheriff … I see crooks everywhere I look.

While I can of course document my statements about judge Taylor, somebody told me about a prostitution ring in Dolan Springs run by DEPUTIES.  This allegedly happened quite a few years ago.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.