Countless cows killed by vehicles

Just about every time I drive to Kingman I see another dead cow by the road.  On the way to the Master Gardener class in Kingman yesterday:


A few miles later we saw a dead calf in the ditch.

When will Arizona move into the 21st century and require fencing?

How many votes do the ranchers have?  Or should we ask how much they contribute to election campaigns?

Recently two cows were killed on Stockton Hill just minutes before we got there at night.   Why on earth would they have BLACK cattle here?  Does anyone still have half a brain?

Do the ranchers make more $$$ off insurance payments than when selling the cattle?

It’s about time we stop subsidizing ranchers by allowing them to run cattle on PUBLIC land for next to NOTHING.

I’d love to see organically and humanly raised cattle on fenced pastures or at least away from paved roads and purchase a few couple hundred pounds a year.  Please let me know if you know of a source!

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  1. You would think with today’s technology we/they could invent some sort of a livestock collar and invisible fence system to save the cows or cars or both.

    • Ranchers all over the country and even in AZ on 93 etc keep cows and horses off the roads even with old technology simple barb wire fences.

      It all comes down to money and corruption. I suppose ranchers make so much money, they own the AZ legislators in Mohave county and in Phoenix.

      • Yep, so sad. One day we saw a big red truck coming down Stockton Hill with his front grill hanging down, then we later saw the dead cow. We have wondered just how bad are some of this collisions? I think each state has its own law whether to require property owners be responsible to fence out the animals. However, a few years ago we found a very large lynx laying across Pierce Ferry that had been hit and no way can they be fenced in or out.

  2. In AZ ranchers are NOT required to fence cows. A hundred years ago that made sense.

    There will always be wild animals get hit and I didn’t even know we had lynx here. But wild animals are not as dumb and large as the cows and they usually try to avoid getting hit. People have died when their vehicles hit cows or they tried to avoid them.

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