I went to the COM meeting last Thursday and I recorded a fine video of Dan Reed announcing his plans for the Meadview Gas & Grub and answering questions.  Unfortunately, Thomas O’Keeffee, Treasurer for COM, advised me that video recording is no longer allowed, as per a COM vote a few months ago.  I’m  still allowed to take pictures, so here he is:


In the background is Jean Bishop, supervisor for our district.  I’m sure she would have appreciated it if everybody could hear her answer questions from the community.

It is very sad that the people running Meadview are so self centered and couldn’t care less about the residents who can’t attend in person.  They don’t care about people who are ill, who work for a living and of course, the many residents who are part-timers or just out of town or at the doctor.

So my tip of the day:   Stop paying your MCA dues!

Here’s a very brief summary of the COM meeting and pics of the new Gas & Grub:

While the Gas & Grub store is open, the gas pumps should be ready soon, possibly this week.  The store is NICE:


Gas & Grub features a large selection of tobacco, beer & whatever drinks:



The managers (sorry, I forgot their names):


They MIGHT get some produce.  The trouble with produce is that it doesn’t last long and if people don’t buy it quickly, it will spoil.

On to other news, the FAMILY DOLLAR is supposed to start construction in a month or two.  I don’t know why …