First Autonomous Truck Is Licensed And On The Road

… the truck has an autonomous vehicle license and can operate in the state of Nevada freely as long as there’s a driver sitting behind the wheel. This huge news was heralded by a suitably huge publicity stunt – the nation’s first licensed autonomous truck drove itself across the Hoover Dam.

Accompanied by music that would feel more suitable in the score of a blockbuster movie, it was immediately preceded by a video introducing the truck which was projected onto the dam itself. The video broke world records for the largest projected video ever with a surface area of over 420,000 square feet – equal to nine football fields or over 87 IMAX screens.   ….

I suppose the truck can read all signs including the sign stating that high profile vehicles need to drive in the left lane across the bridge.    It’s a bit scary to think that the truck’s software will make all driving decisions, but I’m sure eventually we’ll all ride in autonomous cars and enjoy it.