Mike Tinne had been receiving chemotherapy for years, but he was in good spirits and had been traveling to England and Ireland in recent summers.  He had already booked his flight for another trip when he apparently got pneumonia after another round of chemo and passed away last Wednesday in a California hospital. Mike was in his 80s and he got to enjoy his life in relatively good health.  While he still owned property in Meadview, he had been living in California with his family.

Our neighbor Delmar Farris had been suffering with extreme back pain and recently he had two knee replacements.  He was very tall and had been hanging sheet rock much of his life, so his body was shot.   I think it was in February when he asked me to bring back sinus meds from Kingman and it turned out that he had pneumonia and he ended up in the ICU for at least a week.  After he was released from the hospital, he spent several weeks at the Gardens for rehab because he had trouble walking and his sister and her husband stayed with him after he got home.  We were shocked to hear that he was back in the hospital and then passed away. He was only in his 60s and should have had a few more years.

Del was also a gardener and very handy with fixing tools and generators and MIke used to bring us delicious lemons and persimmons from his California trees.  We miss Mike and Del!