Here is a more readable copy of the ALL CAPS post on the front page of the LMRFD (hacked) website:

The Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District went insolvent in January 2013.  What you find in these pages is but a ghost of things past.  Mohave county appointed administrator, John Flynn and Chief Patrick Moore from the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District in Kingman, have worked hard for the citizens of the district the last 2.5 years, to keep the doors open and provide basic services.  Their efforts have succeeded in saving lives and properties, in spite of having only 2 personnel on duty per shift in Dolan and 1 at the station in Meadview.  There have been losses, as well, but that happened even while grossly overstaffed just prior to insolvency.  No matter how great the need, continuing to spend beyond the means, eventually results in financial collapse.

It looks to me like Chief Moore and Administrator Flynn have been working hard at filling their pockets with payments from multiple jobs.  They don’t just work for LMRFD, but they ALSO get paid by other fire departments and possibly other sources.

The LMRFD covers more than 144 square miles.  It is funded primarily by property tax revenue, levied on low value properties in a sparsely populated area, 45 miles from the nearest town of any size, inhabited mostly by elderly, retirees, and disabled.  The fire district also holds a certificate of necessity (C.O.N.) with the Arizona department of health services, for operation of an ALS ambulance service.  The C.O.N. covers a 2200 square mile area.  Approximately 90% of total calls are EMS (emergency medical service) related.  Approximately 30% of all calls are run out of the taxpayer funded district, on Arizona state hwy 93, soon to be interstate 11, and White Hills.  The out of district calls are largely uncollectible, as they are for out of state, out of country, tourist and commerce related accidents.  Basically, the elderly, retired and disabled, living below poverty level on fixed incomes in the LMRFD, are subsidizing EMS services for the state’s tourism and commerce industry on a 50 mile stretch of 4 lane interstate highway.  While generously doing so for the state, they do without themselves.  That is an issue repeatedly being addressed by Mr. Flynn and Chief Moore.  The AZ DHS refuses to shrink LMRDF’s C.O.N. back to the boundaries of its fire district until someone else steps up to take over the ambulance coverage for the highway.  That has not happened.

Who are the people who “generously” service 93 at the expense of themselves?

I’m DISGUSTED by this practice!  Apparently Flynn and Moore are not competent to deal with this issue.

It has been a long, slow recovery for the LMRFD, in the midst of the “great recession”, which has abated little, if any, in this area of the Arizona desert.

You wouldn’t think that there’s any recession considering Flynn’s pay of $6,700/month and Moore’s pay of $4,700/month just from LMRFD and NOT including the income from their other jobs.

The LMRFD is currently in the process of attempting to consolidate with the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District in Kingman to ensure sound management and long term availability of basic fire and EMS services to its citizens.  Those in favor of the consolidation hope to prevent a repeat of the mistakes which caused the LMRFD’s collapse in 2013.

According to Flynn at the last meeting in Dolan, even after consolidation the staffing and services will NOT improve!  Did I hear that wrong?

All fire districts in Arizona are struggling with rising costs and decreasing revenues, and as families find it necessary to pull together during hard times, pooling resources and cutting costs, so are fire districts finding consolidation to be a solution for the same reasons.

Ellen didn’t address the REAL issues, the fact that so many properties are NOT in the fire district, that a large percentage of the budget goes to Moore and Flynn who are so busy earning multiple incomes that they haven’t even had time to prepare a basic MANUAL with procedures in over 2.5 years.

Why did ELLEN (LMRFD bookkeeper, etc.) write this editorial in favor of consolidation for the LMRFD front page?  Moore and Flynn have nothing to say?

This HAS to be one of the biggest local frauds I’ve seen in a while. 

I’m currently working on a fire department FAQ to be presented to Moore and Flynn for some badly needed written answers.