People wonder why so few people want to get in involved in local government. This meeting once again proved that we are being deceived and lied to.  Of course you can’t blame Chief Moore and Administrator Flynn for being primarily concerned with the cash flowing into their own pockets — it’s the American way and the majority of residents in Dolan Springs and Meadview are easy targets.

Here are the minutes:


These minutes do NOT represent what really happened and they are as usual slanted toward consolidation.

Rebecca Smith from Dolan Springs made EXCELLENT points about the lack of COMMUNITY.  Unfortunately, that didn’t make it into the minutes:

Rebecca Smith, Dolan Springs: Re: LMRFD 50 yrs. old probably will survive without consolidating. Re:“stuff” gotten for LMRFD by NACFD; Radio system purchased; stuff given = thermal imaging cameras, CO gas detectors, pagers at station; communications stuff;

When the Dolan school consolidated with Kingman, the school became the property of KUSD.  They promptly required high school kids to bus to Kingman and they put a jail into the school.

Likewise, consolidation with the Kingman fire department will make the KINGMAN fire district the owner of the Meadview fire station and they can do with it whatever they want.  While we are continually being told that none of the money allocated to Meadview would be used elsewhere, what about our ASSETS?

In fact, I have not seen any document showing how much money was spent by LMRFD on Meadview and how much on Dolan Springs.

Did I miss it?

The minutes are also VERY incomplete with respect to my QUESTIONS:

Christine Baker, Meadview: Complaint about LMRFD website

I didn’t have a “complaint”, I had QUESTIONS. The truth is that I asked Flynn about the HACKED LMRFD website (which he is sending everybody to for documents) not being updated, subjecting visitors to malware like key loggers that can transmit your banking login credentials to hackers who can then clean out your bank accounts.

Flynn then LIED and stated that the site was up to date.

I asked who updated it and he responded that “IT” updated the site.

Administrator Flynn is a 33rd degree LIAR!

This is just ONE example of the minutes totally misrepresenting what REALLY happened at the meeting.

Additionally, the minutes do not even mention that I provided Flynn with a printout of my LMRFD FAQ:


I requested WRITTEN responses.

I will be adding answers, possibly corrections and more questions at: