Sunny Rushing and several others are opening in the Newsome building, the former tile company next to the Boathouse. The book exchange is also located in the building.

Unlike at the Meadview Chamber, there is no membership fee and instead of paying a commission, you RENT space and you get all the proceeds.

MOST IMPORTANT: you will be able to attach your business card to your products so that shoppers can CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY. This means that you don’t have to rent a large space and you can just display a few of your works and customers can contact you for information on additional products or custom work.

It has always bothered me tremendously that the Chamber does NOT allow crafters to identify their crafts. I’ve taken visitors to the Chamber, hoping they could buy some souvenirs like dream catchers, but it’s totally annoying to not know who the artist is. One time I ended up taking a young lady from Taiwan shopping at Carolyn’s house and she was so thrilled to meet the Native American artist!

So I hope that this new venture gets off the ground successfully. If you’re interested in renting space, please email Sunny.

I’ll update here as we get more info.