I’ve been posting about the incredibly fraud committed by Chief Moore and Administrator Flynn for quite some time.  Combined, they have been paid over $11,000/month for doing just about NOTHING.   Chief Moore hasn’t even bothered to SHOW UP for the fire board meetings for the last 3 or so meetings.

Mr. Flynn KNOWS that he’s in deep doodoo because he will NOT provide the recordings of the meetings and the minutes are incomplete and inaccurate.

Mr. Flynn orders the recordings DESTROYED after 30 days.

Mr. Flynn has no problem LYING — he is a professional lobbyist.

Of course I can prove my allegations as I have been video recording the meetings I was able to attend, but they changed the meeting date TWICE for the last meeting so that I could not attend.

I requested the recording last Friday from Ellen:

Hi Ellen,

I’d like a copy of your recording of the last meeting. I can’t be expected to clear entire WEEKS just because the meetings are rescheduled with practically no notice.



I haven’t heard back.

From the 2016-2-25 Minutes:

TOM LITTLE, Meadview; How many days was the station dark this month? Bobby Porzio replied that he did not know for sure. He reported that the schedule is filled, with no openings, for next month.

I have been unable to get any info on the number and type of calls and response times.  We’ll hopefully find out what happened on 3/17, the night Camille died when her mobile home burned down 2 minutes from the Meadview fire station.

It could well be that 15 fire trucks and ambulances could not have saved Camille, but I’m hoping that this is a wakeup call for Meadview residents.

Flynn and Moore are not the only ones to blame for the dire state of fire and emergency services in Dolan Springs and Meadview.  Supervisor Jean Bishop ATTENDS the fire board meetings,  but apparently she is utterly incompetent. 

Did Supervisor Bishop not bother to read the WRITTEN questions I had submitted to Mr. Flynn?   He told me at the board meeting that he will not answer ANY of my questions because he does not have to.  That’s just fine with Ms. Bishop?

Ms. Bishop, what is WRONG with YOU?

Of course I could ask just about everybody else attending those meetings the same question.   Incredibly, some people are THANKING Flynn for his service.


Then there is the Meadview clique of about 25 that runs Meadview and makes it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to make Meadview a better place to live.  They run the MCA and the COM paper and they CONTROL what Meadview residents know, do or don’t do.

Not only did the MCA Morons NOT allow the gardening club and food co-op to meet at the MCA (Meadview’s only place suitable for large meetings), but they even refused the gardening club advertisements in the COM paper:

My open letter to the COM Board.

I didn’t get a response and last year I brought the issue up at a COM meeting so that the PUBLIC would see what’s going on.  They finally allowed us to advertise again if we do not mention the link to High Desert Dirt.

If you want to know who the Meadview Morons are, start by reviewing the records for related COM Board votes and MCA votes.

From the minutes of the last Fire Board meeting:

CHARLOTTE KIFFER, Dolan Springs; Asked how many applications Mr. Flynn had received for Fire Chief. He answered, “None, from the ad; one, internal.”

UNIDENTIFIED, Meadview; Asked how much a Fire Chief makes? Bobby Porzio answered, “Six figures in some places.” He added that it will be up to the new Board to determine the salary.

In WHAT places does a fire chief have a 6 figure income?

How much did Tom Little make when he was fire chief?

How much did Steve Berg make?

I heard that he was the Meadview fire chief after Tom Little.

The Meadview clique is the MAIN REASON firefighters and EMTs don’t want to live here.

If getting drunk at the VFW isn’t your thing — what else are you and your kids going to do in Meadview?

Not everybody wants to go fishing every day.

Susanne Newell, a major player in the Meadview clique, was TREASURER for the Meadview fire district and she is therefore RESPONSIBLE for the Grapewine Mesa Fire District’s demise.  We had a FANTASTIC fire department when Tom Little was fire chief.   Response times were great and we had 2 volunteers near Lake Mead City.

What happened?

Notably, NONE of these issues are addressed in the COM paper.

I keep getting phone calls about Camille as I’m writing this post.  People new to the area have no clue what’s going on in Meadview.   Many residents are obsessed with fear that their stuff might get stolen — they go to monthly meetings about neighborhood watch.  I can’t understand why such a NON PROBLEM is so important.

Why doesn’t ANYBODY care about the PEOPLE of Meadview?

So many seniors are living alone, with NOTHING to do but watch TV and/or drink.  They eat the GMO poisoned food fromt the Dollar store and there are no activities to join.

I have tried so hard, but I’ve given up too.

I spend a lot of time working with the Kingman Master Gardeners helping people grow nutritious food.  Yesterday I gave a presentation at KRMC.  In Kingman the hospital and the college offer their facilities and I’ve been invited to do gardening presentations in Dolan Springs.

The Meadview Morons are some of the most evil people around and even made the Meadview Quail cancel my gardening talk.

I have many friends in Meadview, but NOBODY is willing to do anything. Most residents are old, sick, tired and/or afraid. Who needs the aggravation?

I fully understand.

I was just like that for the first 11 years I lived here.  I didn’t want to meet people, socialize or be involved in anything until I started the gardening club in 2011.  The Meadview Morons not only refused to allow us to use their facilities and refused our ads, but they even removed our gardening club fliers from the board next to the post office literally within hours.  At the post office someone posted fliers FALSELY accusing me of selling food at the farmstand that got people sick and claiming that Canyon’s End was using our farmstand food in the restaurant. Of course these FALSE allegation were made anonymous.

I closed the farmstand — the Meadview Morons won.

Why on earth would any EMT or firefighter want to move to this miserable place?