Dear Supervisors:

I understand that you are looking into the Lake Mohave Rancho Fire District (Meadview and Dolan Springs) and I would like you to consider the following issues:

1) Administrator Flynn mismanaged the fire district and lied at the monthly meetings.

Flynn refuses to provide me with the recordings of the meetings.  State law requires that recordings be preserved for only 30 days and I am asking you to ORDER Flynn to provide the meeting recordings for publication on the internet.

The minutes are incomplete and falsified, as documented by my video recordings.

I could not attend the February meeting because it was rescheduled with only a few days notice and once again Flynn refused to provide the recording.

Please also order Flynn to provide a complete list of assets sold or gifted away including the sales prices and the names of the buyers and their relationship to Flynn.

2) At minimum, Administrator Flynn ought to REPAY the EXTRAORDINARY salary of about $6,700/month for doing next to NOTHING!

He sold off the fire district assets, fired personnel, renegotiated some contracts and then he did just about NOTHING.   He allowed Chief Moore to leave the few employees unsupervised with NO manual, training or any direction as to how to respond to emergencies.  Please see Dolan Springs resident Jay Fleming’s posting at

Chief Moore hasn’t even shown up for the monthly meetings in several months!

We have NO idea how many calls the district gets, where the calls come from, what the calls are about and what the response times are.

A new fire board has NO CLUE what’s going on and clearly neither Flynn nor Moore nor Supervisor Bishop (who attended many meetings) could care less about our fire district.  In fact, Supervisor Bishop’s complete indifference to Flynn’s refusal to provide recordings of the meetings ought to keep residents from voting for her again.

I have asked Flynn for a copy of his contract and he refused to provide it.  How do I obtain copies of the contracts with Flynn and Moore?

3) ALLEGATIONS of THREATS against fire board candidates and corruption throughout Dolan Springs and Meadview.

Several candidates dropped out because they were allegedly threatened with having their houses burned down.  I have heard “GUNS” mentioned as part of the Dolan Springs intimidation tactics.  Dolan Springs and Meadview are run by corrupt individuals and organizations.  Good people are giving up and moving away due to the corruption.  If you’re interested in details, emails and video recordings, please let me know.

4) Dissolving the fire district might be the best option.

It might be best to dissolve the fire district unless a thorough investigation results in prison for the crooks who run Dolan Springs and Meadview.  Additionally, there has to be a way to include ALL Meadview properties as currently only very few Meadview properties are in the fire district.  As a Meadview property owner I certainly will NOT be joining the district and I am recommending that NOBODY join the district as it’s impossible to get back out.

Meadview had a great fire department until former Chief Berg and the incompetent fire board forced the Meadview fire district to consolidate with Dolan Springs.  Meadview had MANY volunteers, GREAT response times and plenty of funds under former Chief Little (prior to Chief Berg), but the Meadview “leadership” chose to destroy the Meadview fire district.

Notably, former Chief Berg is now a fire board candidate and incredibly, he already said to me that he does NOT want me to join the district.  THAT is the Meadview way, governing through exclusion so the 20 or so people in the Meadview clique control all aspects of life in Meadview.  And we don’t have enough COMPETENT candidates because they were threatened until they dropped out.

Former Meadview Chief Little also offered subscriptions and I would certainly consider subscribing to the district at the current tax rate, but I need the option to GET OUT if things don’t work out.

Administrator Flynn FAILED to raise funds through subscriptions.

I am aware of similar problems in other Arizona fire districts and I sure don’t understand how you can let this happen.

I’m looking forward to posting your response at


Christine Baker