Interim fire chief DeMaio is the best thing that happened to LMRFD in a long time.  Unlike arrogant administrator Flynn, he actually responds to my questions.   I realize that he just got the job and it will be a while until things run smoothly as Chief Moore was a complete waste of money and did absolutely nothing for LMRFD.

The details about calls and lots more are in the minutes:


Sadly, a dog died in Meadview after it was stung by bees.

Administrator Flynn thinks that LMRFD will get a credit line from either Chase or First National Bank of Arizona, but it may come at a cost of $15,000!

Ellen wrote last week:

Please note, I will no longer be recording the meetings as the dept recorder does not have the capability of downloading the recordings. Due to our tight budget we will not be purchasing new recording equipment in the near future so I will be relying entirely on my notes for preparation of the minutes. Please be sure to bring your recorders and video equipment if you desire an electronic recording.

For MONTHS I’ve been requesting the recordings of the meetings and administrator Flynn told me that he doesn’t “have” to provide me with the recordings and therefore he won’t.  I was also told that they DELETE the recordings after 30 days because by law they don’t have to keep them any longer.

So I’ve wasted a lot of time and gasoline to personally attend and record these meetings.  Ellen sounds like not being able to get the recording from them and having to bring your own recorder is something new.

Apparently they’ve been providing the recordings to others, but not to me.

And I sure wish I could have a look at that recorder.  Is it 100 years old?

Here’s the video of the meeting: