Two storms in two days — that’s a first for me

I was AMAZED how quickly all the roads got fixed yesterday.   Nobody expected another storm the next day.

I talked to a friend on the phone yesterday evening and noticed that the forecast called for thunderstorms at 11 pm.   I wasn’t worried, it’s monsoon season and what are the chances of getting flooded two days in a row?

When I heard the windgen roaring it was exactly 11 pm.   I don’t know when it started to rain here because I went to bed and didn’t care.  Woke up a few times to thunder and rain or hail hitting the roof hard, but didn’t let it bother me.

A friend in Unit 9 lost power at his house last night and he was the first person to call Unisource.  They were going to come out within the hour, but then called to let him know that they couldn’t get up Pierce Ferry due to a washout and a stuck car.   Eventually they made it up and fixed the power.

I was surprised we didn’t lose power and/or internet during Thursday’s storm and then even more surprised when Frontier DSL and phone service was down yesterday afternoon during clear skies and no wind at all.  Go figure!  And I was glad I had the Verizon prepaid data.

Don’t think we can get too much rain here, but I won’t be crying if we don’t have a storm for a few days.   Got .89″ last night, our weekly total is 2.72″ and the year-to-date is AT LEAST 5.23″ (the station was off at night for a while).  So far we’re having a pretty good year for TOTAL rain, but we get too much of it at once and most of the water runs into the lake.

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