According to eye witness reports in the Dolan Springs AZ Chatter Box Facebook group 4 people died when a car pulled from Pierce Ferry in front of a bus on 93.

Another deadly accident

Another deadly accident — it’s time for an overpass.

Update 7/25/16:  The Kingman Miner article is so awful, I’m not even going to link it.  From KTNV News:

Officials also said the van was making an illegal left turn onto U.S. 93 when it collided with the bus.

I don’t understand that.  Did they make a left turn into the northbound lanes?   There’s NOTHING illegal about turning left towards Kingman as long as you go across the north bound lanes, stop at the stop sign on the median and then turn onto the south bound lanes.   Just a couple weeks ago I did exactly that and there was even an acceleration lane on the LEFT of the south bound lanes for people making this “illegal” left turn.  I think that’s what the van was trying to do, but it didn’t yield to the bus going north.

Of course there are many people suggesting 4-way stops, blaming tourists, etc.

It’s a future FREEWAY! Interstate 11 marker

The speed limit on 93 is 65 mph.   How many accidents would be caused by traffic lights?   Let’s just do it right because it will HAVE to be done eventually anyway.

We need on and off ramps like any other freeway. 

This is a FEDERAL highway.  It’s up to our COUNTY GOVERNMENT (the supervisors) to do whatever it takes to get the feds to pay for an overpass and on / off ramps so that residents and tourists can safely get on and off the freeway.

Ultimately, Chloride and the landfill will have to be addressed too, but due to the traffic to and from Dolan Springs, Meadview and most important, the Skywalk, this dangerous intersection HAS to be redesigned ASAP.    Most of the residents are old, tired, ill, and/or otherwise impaired and the tourists come from all over the world and are not used to this traffic.  We also have many old vehicles on the roads and the tourists drive rental cars and campers they’re not used to.

Wiki has a lot of info about I-11 with links to articles and references.