Here’s the video of the meeting with County officials at Canyon’s End last Thursday:

While this meeting took place in Meadview, you can use the information provided by the County to get YOUR roads into the County Maintenance Program.

They discuss the mobile at Pear & Charles, graded by DMC Construction in 2006.  Ever since they graded, Charles gets washed out badly.  Not to mention that already twice the siding of the mobile home got taken off by floods and the property is essentially worthless.

There is the possibility that the Diamond Bar construction contributed to increased flooding and especially sand on Pear (where I got stuck).

A lady tells of her plight trying to get her husband to Pierce Ferry to meet up with the ambulance.

Jennifer Jones asked about taxes and funding for roads.

IMPORTANT POINTS:  YOU have to bring the road up to standard and this will take time.   But the sooner you start the sooner the county will maintain the road.

HOWEVER, they’ll only work on these roads twice a year, so it’s important that you do the best job possible to prevent damage after every rainstorm.

The county will HAVE to either purchase or seasonally lease equipment and get part-time / on call operators  or they will have to CONTRACT with locals for EMERGENCY REPAIRS as there’s no way they can be everywhere the day after a storm.

I was really offended by the guy’s statement that when news people call him after big storms he is pleased to tell them that we’re fine and have no damage.  What a bunch of BS!!!  That was NOT a good thing to say — does he really think OUR roads don’t matter?

Maybe we have to be more proactive and provide reporters with video, pictures and accounts of vehicles stuck in sand?

I already had the weather channel contact me for permission to use my video, so there IS an interest by the media, and I’m NOT talking about the Kingman Miner.