I just saw this flier posted on Sunday — the date of the deadline to register at 564-2224.  Since the trees aren’t removed until January, I don’t know why you had to register by the 11th.   I also don’t know where the trees are removed.   Stockton Hill and Pierce Ferry?  South of where they’re drilling the well?

UPDATE 12/14/16:   I spoke with Vern Farris with the Friends of the Joshua Trees at 564-2224.   You can still call him to register.  So far only 12 people have registered and I’m # 13. The trees are actually NORTH of the plot that has already been cleared at Greggs Hideout, going up to the curve on Patterson grade.  There is a perimeter dirt road and it’s best to go in off Greggs Hideout on the west side of the cleared parcel.  Make sure you call Vern before you go out to mark your tree with a ziplock bag and your contact info.

The farmer already sent two truck loads of trees to a Tucson landscaper and he is making a sincere effort to save as many trees as possible.

This farmer will have another 16,000 acres cleared.

However, winter is a much better time to transplant than March and later and I will try to tag mine now.   The wind from March to June is especially dehydrating, worse than the summer heat and we often get no or only very little rain.  The best time to transplant was in October / November.

Please support the Friends of the Joshua Trees — they successfully protected the section south of Lake Mead City from mining.   It’s time for the conservatives to step up and support the Sierra Club and other “tree hugger” organizations.

There is a sign in Kingman on Stockton Hill advertising many thousands of acres of “farmland” for sale.

If people don’t take action we’ll likely end up with a big resort for foreign tourists to enjoy the stars in our dark sky that won’t be dark anymore because of all the lights.

While we’re lucky that much of the area above OUR Meadview aquifer is inside the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a lot of private land is available.

It’s not only about Joshua Trees, but it’s also about water and development.

Our representatives in Phoenix are doing nothing to protect our land and if you voted for them, you might want to let them know that you are NOT happy and demand action to protect the Joshua Trees in OPEN LETTERS.

The same goes for District 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop. 

She should be camping out in a tent in Phoenix and carry a pitchfork to get some NATIONAL attention.

It’s Bishop’s job to get this issue into the NEWS.

Bishop’s official web page

Jean Bishop
Mohave County Supervisor District 4
main: 928-753-8618

Jean Bishop has lived in Mohave County the majority of her life. She is familiar with the issues facing our county and the concerns of the voters.

Jean’s professional life has been spent serving the citizens of Mohave County in law enforcement for over 30 years. As a Patrol Sergeant and later elected Constable she developed a working knowledge of the area and knows how Mohave County government works.

Now as Mohave County Supervisor of District 4 and Chairman for the Board of Supervisors, she will continue protecting the citizens and their tax dollars.

Jean is currently serving on the following committees and boards:

  • Designated Planning Agency

  • Fill the Gap Committee

  • Mohave County Board of Health

  • Mohave County Committee on the Justice System

  • Mohave County Housing Authority

  • Mohave/La Paz Local Workforce Investment Board

  • Mohave/La Paz Local Workforce Investment Area Youth Council

The word “water” is conspicuously absent — not even on Supervisor Jean Bishop’s radar.

If Bishop could just once accomplish something other than catching stray dogs and supporting more mining, pollution and death …

We need EMERGENCY legislation to allow Mohave County to REFUSE well permits.

The farmers can’t get the cheap water in California anymore and the idiots governing Arizona are handing it to them for free!  They use our water and pollute our soil and air.

They DESTROY our beautiful desert!

And if you’re not already a member of the Friends of the Joshua Trees — now is the time to vote with your money!

Free Joshua Trees

Free Joshua Trees