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  1. Christine, I played chess as a child often, my father taught all of us children and I always enjoyed it. I’ve read many of your posts and also your farm profile on wwoofusa and am very interested in seeing if I would be a great fit for your community. I’m very self sufficient and hard working and feel like I have a lot to offer and am more than open to learning new skills that will help heal our planet as well as us and every living creature that resides on her as well. I truly look forward to hearing from you, much love, Gina.

    • Gina, I can’t wait for you to get here! When I was kid I also played chess, had a lot more time then.

      And there’s so much to learn here. My rhubarb flowered several weeks ago and the flower promptly froze because I didn’t close the cold frame cover. Rocks on the north side made it grow and flower in February/March and one of my projects is to build a rock wall around a Meyer lemon to keep it from freezing. It worked so well for the rhubarb, but have to keep in mind that we had a mild winter.

      See you soon!

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