The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed — free documentary

This 7 part series is free on Youtube, but each episode is only available for 24 hours and it started yesterday.   I just watched the beginning of the first episode and it is about the medical benefits of cannabis (marijuana).

Meadview is known as one of few Arizona communities where it’s legal to grow cannabis with a medical marijuana card as we’re over 25 miles from a dispensary.

I hope that all who still have memories of Reefer Madness will consider the fact that we have had absolutely NO marijuana induced violence despite the fact that at least half the town has been seriously medicated for quite a few years.

Here’s what happens when people DRINK:

Joseph Edward Thomas arrested for attempted murder in Meadview

I really wish I could grow hemp as it would help so much with wind breaks and it also has so many incredible uses.  Just checked on Borelli’s legislation to legalize hemp in Arizona, but strangely there’s opposition because the feds have yet to legalize hemp:

House gives hemp farming preliminary approval

And of course they want farmers to be licensed.  Headache …

Anyway, if you or a loved one have serious medical problems, check out the documentary for free right now:


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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your enthusiasm to assist us in getting the important information about The Sacred Plant out to the world for free. It is our intent that the identity of the sacred plant remains a mystery until it’s introduced in the film, by facts. There may be people who have been misinformed and/or have a negative opinion of the sacred plant that wouldn’t watch the docuseries if the mystery were revealed, yet they, or a loved one, may be desperately in need of the vital information presented. Would you please help us to reach as many people as possible by removing the words from your page that reveal the plants identity?

    Again, thank you so much for your desire to share this powerful information with as many people as possible, and for honoring our request. 

    Respectfully, TSP Admin

  2. Dear “TSP Admin”,

    You wrote “Thank you for your enthusiasm to assist us in getting the important information about The Sacred Plant out to the world for free.”

    You’re thanking me for free marketing services or you’re getting the information out for free?

  3. Hi Christine, The request was truly to ask that you assist us in reaching as many people as possible by not revealing the name of the plant. We have received many, many comments that the series changed/opened minds regarding the plant and that they wouldn’t have watched had they known in advance what the plant was. We feel this information is life changing for many people suffering with innumerable chronic conditions and only want to reach as many as possible.

  4. Just to be clear, you’re a for profit enterprise and you’re thanking me for doing free marketing for you.

    As I haven’t been born yesterday, I realize that you get a LOT more interest by NOT mentioning what it’s about. Dr. Mercola is the king of marketing with his “This herb can cure cancer”

    A bit annoying, BUT, I can live with it because he provides the information free of charge.

    YOUR gimmick is to give people a free episode, PREYING on sick peoples’ desire to get well and they’ll pay $150.

    Excellent marketing and I’m sure you’re making boatloads of money, but I can’t support that.

    I totally agree that people should get paid, but I feel that the info needs to be out there free of charge or maybe for a $20 DVD. Additionally, just watching the videos won’t cure anyone of anything. We need resources so people can get lots of medical info, treatment plans, how to grow or where to buy cannabis, etc.

    I’m holding a Consumer Reports organic food workshop tomorrow (totally free, I even paid for advertising and door prizes.)

    We need more people who truly care and don’t just want to make a buck! Or a million. How much is your revenue so far?

  5. I know you sent me a private email and after watching the series again for free this week I was going to respond, but couldn’t find it. So I’ll just post my thoughts here.

    The information is truly EXCELLENT. It’s incredible that people with stage 4 cancer can have all their tumors disappear.

    So what do you think how many people DIED since the initial release because you don’t make the info available free of charge?

    And how much money do I have to send you to put the series into the PUBLIC DOMAIN so that everybody can get LEGALIZED cannabis?

    How much?

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