The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed — free documentary

This 7 part series is free on Youtube, but each episode is only available for 24 hours and it started yesterday.   I just watched the beginning of the first episode and it is about the medical benefits of cannabis (marijuana).

Meadview is known as one of few Arizona communities where it’s legal to grow cannabis with a medical marijuana card as we’re over 25 miles from a dispensary.

I hope that all who still have memories of Reefer Madness will consider the fact that we have had absolutely NO marijuana induced violence despite the fact that at least half the town has been seriously medicated for quite a few years.

Here’s what happens when people DRINK:

Joseph Edward Thomas arrested for attempted murder in Meadview

I really wish I could grow hemp as it would help so much with wind breaks and it also has so many incredible uses.  Just checked on Borelli’s legislation to legalize hemp in Arizona, but strangely there’s opposition because the feds have yet to legalize hemp:

House gives hemp farming preliminary approval

And of course they want farmers to be licensed.  Headache …

Anyway, if you or a loved one have serious medical problems, check out the documentary for free right now:


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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your enthusiasm to assist us in getting the important information about The Sacred Plant out to the world for free. It is our intent that the identity of the sacred plant remains a mystery until it’s introduced in the film, by facts. There may be people who have been misinformed and/or have a negative opinion of the sacred plant that wouldn’t watch the docuseries if the mystery were revealed, yet they, or a loved one, may be desperately in need of the vital information presented. Would you please help us to reach as many people as possible by removing the words from your page that reveal the plants identity?

    Again, thank you so much for your desire to share this powerful information with as many people as possible, and for honoring our request. 

    Respectfully, TSP Admin

  2. Dear “TSP Admin”,

    You wrote “Thank you for your enthusiasm to assist us in getting the important information about The Sacred Plant out to the world for free.”

    You’re thanking me for free marketing services or you’re getting the information out for free?

  3. Hi Christine, The request was truly to ask that you assist us in reaching as many people as possible by not revealing the name of the plant. We have received many, many comments that the series changed/opened minds regarding the plant and that they wouldn’t have watched had they known in advance what the plant was. We feel this information is life changing for many people suffering with innumerable chronic conditions and only want to reach as many as possible.

  4. Just to be clear, you’re a for profit enterprise and you’re thanking me for doing free marketing for you.

    As I haven’t been born yesterday, I realize that you get a LOT more interest by NOT mentioning what it’s about. Dr. Mercola is the king of marketing with his “This herb can cure cancer”

    A bit annoying, BUT, I can live with it because he provides the information free of charge.

    YOUR gimmick is to give people a free episode, PREYING on sick peoples’ desire to get well and they’ll pay $150.

    Excellent marketing and I’m sure you’re making boatloads of money, but I can’t support that.

    I totally agree that people should get paid, but I feel that the info needs to be out there free of charge or maybe for a $20 DVD. Additionally, just watching the videos won’t cure anyone of anything. We need resources so people can get lots of medical info, treatment plans, how to grow or where to buy cannabis, etc.

    I’m holding a Consumer Reports organic food workshop tomorrow (totally free, I even paid for advertising and door prizes.)

    We need more people who truly care and don’t just want to make a buck! Or a million. How much is your revenue so far?

  5. I know you sent me a private email and after watching the series again for free this week I was going to respond, but couldn’t find it. So I’ll just post my thoughts here.

    The information is truly EXCELLENT. It’s incredible that people with stage 4 cancer can have all their tumors disappear.

    So what do you think how many people DIED since the initial release because you don’t make the info available free of charge?

    And how much money do I have to send you to put the series into the PUBLIC DOMAIN so that everybody can get LEGALIZED cannabis?

    How much?

  6. How is smoking rope that carries one away from one’s problems ever going to fix anyone’s health problems that actual exist? I left the city to get away from the stress…… the country, there is no stress except what I created by listening to people who are trying to escape from reality without the truth. You can’t. It wears off…….therefore, it doesn’t really work. If you find God, you don’t need the dope. God’s commandment to “Get High” started with the 10 Laws for Civilization……and end with grace and truth by The Zeus of the God named JAH. Anything in Greek that was a god was called Zeus……….the Creator God whose name was JAH……….was called the JAH……..Zeus. He came to teach people how to get high. All other high’s are fake. You have to grow it or buy it, and it wears off and doesn’t get you anywhere except going more sideways. Till time runs out and you will enter eternity of the next dimension with a recorded life tape on record in your brain, that you never learned how to get high. All you did was follow more anti-JAH people who never wanted to see you ever get way. It’s WEED OUT……..not smoking weed to get in. Weed is a phony buzz compared to what I am on. And in time the PTB start nipping it off at the bud, from the shoulders up. Trying to get the buds to part with the growth and talk it up. Till you can’t find good weed anymore, once they kill off the Jah people who speak out against fake buzzes that wear off. And I never said go to a building where some guy who barely gets high himself tells you how to never get high at all but how Jah hates you and you owe the preacher money for wearing better clothes than what you gave away. Don’t expect truth from people who tried to murder God, a difficult thing to do. Stay outside in the sunny sunshine, soak up all the rays of the light that shines in the night, LOOK UP ask for a dream or a vision for guidance because it’s only that way that you can avoid the daliks. Daliks are the know-it-all know nothings who try to down your attempts to find Jah. They know the bible better than you ever will, they study it to manipulate people, they are like inmates who are masters of the courtyards and call that freedom yet never tried to escape themselves. So I am saying is, trying to perfect this smoking buzz is probably going to slow you down from finding the real buzz that JAH Zeus came to establish. And that’s all DIY. He was killed for showing people how to get high. And to live on High. Perpetual big love, walking in truth and love, unending paradise and the animals can speak and talk. If smoking weed was great then why wasn’t JAH Zeus teaching it? Because He is the Big Buzz. Just grow more weed and get your phony highs trying to not cry about not knowing how to get high yet. Needing more dope is leading to progressive gardening for sure. But who is irrigating all the drips? All JAH ever commanded was “Nothing Fake”. Be Real. No lying to yourself or to anyone else. Have the Liberty to offer others that you want to see when you arrive. No one changes from something at one level to a lower level, they only change from the level they are on to a higher buzz. So do what you want, you have free will. Strawberry fields forever……….is it written about in a book that I read or just in a song you need to be on a plant induced buzz to enjoy. Then the buzz wears off and you need to replay the song because it’s going away……Meeeaaaannnn.

    • Nobody ever said YOU need to smoke. And few people smoke it. God created cannabis for a reason, and it’s not just to keep people from killing themselves.

      People have a choice, kill themselves with pills or live a healthy long and happy life!

  7. I see I am condescending about people who smoke stress relief medication and it’s just because whenever I meet them when they are smoking they somehow try to convince everyone around them that smoking pot is important to save the planet from the people who don’t smoke pot. The people smoking this planet are trying to stop them from smoking the weed that makes them a part of the planet they don’t want to see go up in smoke. So if everyone smokes more dope then their ponzi scheme might work because this greenhouse was so expensive to grow the dope to save the planet from smoke that the nukes might create. If the stress from that smoke might kill them and they know the smoke from the dope won’t, it’s all on board to get on the bandwagon of dope smoke to take away the stress from a planet that Trump might get halfway smoked from nuclear dope. And I asked Alexa and she couldn’t figure it out.

    Did you ever hear a whiskey drinker say that sipping booze slow was important to save the planet from non-drinkers? That everybody needs to be promoting whiskey sipping because it’s from the earth and you need to be a part of the Movement Meaaannn. Because it’s like Mother’s Against Drunk Driving is a conspiracy to keep people on the road when not everyone wants to be on the roads. Some people want to stay off-road and if you try to force them to drive on the roads it might kill them because their DNA can’t handle it.

    or it’s WANT SOME………….

    like who pours a small cup of whiskey in a glass and walks up to a non-drinker and holds it out like it was a train ticket to get punched by the conductor for approval. They’re always so in your face about about it and just arrogant. In the land of Valley Fever………makes a lot of sense to weaken your immune system breathing in NO3 and SO2 and no one owes you one set of clean lungs.

    “Do you mind if I smoke in your kitchen”……….sure buddy, everyone likes second hand tobacco smoke in the place where they spend 30% of their life inside their house. Oops, wait, that’s not a cigarette? Not memorex either.

    So my point was………..ummmmm…….what was the topic?

    we came…..we smoked…..we laughed…..but we did not know why. Then we did it again. Then we convinced others to try it, then they started laughing and the TV raised the kids. But the floors never got swept because no one on TV ever tells the kids to sweep the floors……….and that’s Trump’s fault because who let the dogs out? Again. So this non-sequitor of logic brain skip fills up the democratic party and we can’t get rid of Nancy and Chuck. It’s all because of “WANT SOME” and some high up people are not waving it away. So how much of this country is in non-logical brainwave skip and wanting others to smoke their way into denial, VS those who can read “Made in China” on every new product.

    We are seeing our currency is backed by foreign made products.

    Who is Putin that in their pipe and smoking it. The Rush In crisis……the drugs are rushing in. This country is exactly like China in the 1800’s while the wealth poured out…….. the opium dens and weed bars moved in. Who’s getting you sedated before the collapse? I was just trying to float away in a lake they said was full of beer. Lake Mead. Well……’s not enough meeaaann because you know, that’s legal but this what we’re doing isn’t legal in every state so it’s important to get on board to get it legal so that we can sell more weed and take away all the stress from not making stuff that we needed to make but couldn’t because everyone was in their parent’s basement smoking pot instead of figuring out how to make stuff we used to make before we became a basic materials supplier to Asian corporations. And from what I see the Asian companies aren’t too big on welfare culture and they tend to line up drug dealers and shoot them in the head and don’t have prisons for rehabilitation but for punishment and slave labor. Ummmmm, how’s Panama Red going to help us now? Better call in agent Hawaiian Gold see what he can do about it. Prices are way down meeeaaaann…………don’t know what’s gonna happen………..

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