Agenda for Monday’s meeting in Meadview. 

Note: Time changed to 11:00 a.m.


Almost EVERYTHING is in executive session AGAIN!

To shed a little light on the mysterious agenda items:d. Discussion and possible action regarding: Personnel Matter re: Correspondence re: Chief DeMaio; letter of complaint; public apology.

Fire chief Tony DeMaio accused previous LMRFD administrative assistant Ellen Bower at a previous board meeting of poor training of her successor when she retired.

Essentially, the chief is blaming Ellen for his inability to create a SIMPLE report of all ambulance calls to Meadview since 7/16 with the results (transport, DOA, etc.) as I requested about half a year ago.  I was going to order some of the more interesting reports to publish response times and so we can see what kind of services we actually NEED in Meadview, but it’s pretty obvious that he does not want to have the info out there.

I don’t understand why Karen can’t create that report (shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, it’s all on the computer) while she watches her baby sleep or whatever.

I see so much smoke and mirrors at LMRFD, I’m just glad I’m not in the fire district.  Some poor sucker in Meadview just joined  — do these people know what they’re signing up for?

Pay THOUSANDS of dollars FOREVER (unless the district dissolves) for NOTHING with NO chance of EVER having a properly staffed station with ambulance in Meadview — according to LMRFD research.

It is incredibly weird that the cash poor LMRFD pays the administrative assistant Karen Jackson to work from home so she can take care of her baby and then the chief contracted with a temp agency to have Victoria answer the phone, etc.

Not to mention that a Dolanite could be making $20+ hr INSTEAD of paying a TEMP AGENCY!

This is all so weird and I can’t help but wonder WHY the chief keeps paying Karen — it reeks of nepotism or something strange going on.

Is she blackmailing him?

Is he the father of the baby?

What is going on?

That’s of course NOT for the people who pay the salaries to know — executive session.

I’m still waiting for the LMRFD “letter” regarding my posts here and I’d love to actually get into court to find out what’s REALLY going on.

Our lives are on the line.