Meeting the needs of Dolan Springs 4/28/18

From the DSCC newsletter:

April 28th a group of local citizens (Bob Waldorf and Debbie Bibi of Bibi’s Talent, Frank Geraci of Mohave Rancho Lumber, Jay Tschudy of Grand Canyon West Art Gallery) want to talk about “Meeting the Needs of Dolan Springs”.  What activities and programs should the community consider addressing and resolving? What improvements are needed for the town and its citizens? The public is encouraged to attend.

Frank is one of the few Dolanites who sometimes shows up for the LMRFD board meetings, don’t know the others.   I’ll try to be there.  Don’t live in Dolan, but nobody in Meadview EVER asks what the community wants.  In fact, just stating what I want (a community, not some stuck up morons running their private country club at MY expense) got me banned from the MCA and ads in the Meadview News were refused for YEARS!

In case you’re new here, the people who run Meadview prohibit video recording COM events to ensure that we can’t publicize and document their constant lies.

I just wish it wasn’t such a long drive to Dolan, so much we could do in their community hall!

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  1. It is wise to prepare for the storm before it arrives.

    In time, the welfare state policies of the past 40 years have created a generation of people who feel entitled to “Mo Fre Stuf” and this is unsustainable with trade deficits draining wealth away from the country. The trickle down isn’t working when the corporations and the government’s taxation doesn’t recycle the dollars into small rural communities that “feed the machine” in many ways. So you need to keep the food dollars spent in your town to stay in your town.

    So the call to print up more trillions is probably going to happen. Devaluing the dollar to keep liquidity happening is what we have experienced in the past. I see an orange or a lemon almost costs a dollar. In time it will be over a dollar. You either pay up for it or do without. So what’s this got to do with Dolan Springs? Everyone needs to be “pro-greenhouses” and the best system is a co-op so people can volunteer and walk away with “veggie credits” and the veggie credits are exchanged for produce at harvest time. No need to pay a lot of wages and get into debt to start. Use hoop buildings and clear plastic.

    People need to understand……Dolan Springs needs access to good cheap produce. You need to gather grey water and have holding tanks and feed the green houses and people need to stop wasting their life watching TV and start have fun playing with plants and building a community that’s healthy and reduce the need for the ambulances and the medical facilities. These are scams going on at a low level. Someone has to pay for all this medical care and it gets no one healthy, only good nutrition can do that. You are going to be paying a dollar for a tomato and running out of money because you are failing to come together to grow a tomato that might cost a dime to grow with free labor that your yourself provide. The wages are really low for greenhouse workers so just look at it as exercise. Forget going to the gym. There are better things to do than handle sweaty gym equipment that does not provide full range of motion. In time, somewhere some dictator nut is going to set off a bad nuke and it’s going to send fallout around the planet and people are going to ask……”Was this grown in a controlled clean environment or out in the open air where the radiation was landing on it?” You need to wake up and smell the coffee burning. WITH functioning co-op greenhouses, Dolan Springs becomes a vibrant community and fine dining begins with fine green vegetables grown without pesticides. Focus on making what people need and not trying to develop a shopping center strip full of stores selling the same crap that has failing businesses all over where it didn’t work over there either. You start an Italian vegetable market, just a small one and that can grow big. Everyone wants to buy quality produce out in a desert because you can’t get it easily. It brings health to people and that’s what “health care is”. People eating balanced meals, not just one serving from a can. So the “for profit” motive needs to be in the co-op because you can’t afford to pay money to run it, the wages are too low, it won’t work. As a co-op it can work, people can work at what they love to do and if it’s for $3 an hour is that so bad if it makes you healthy and extends your life an extra 10 years. How long do you plan to live being over weight and eating out of cans and just not much into veggies because they cost way too much? Watching fake movies in your house…… that a quality life? I’d rather hang out at a green house and play with potted plants and sprinkler systems and move carts of trays of sprouted greens for chump change and see my health change for the better.

    You are given Dolan Springs to make it into the community you want it to be. The era of “I deserve this and that” is over. No one owes you a dime. And you don’t owe anyone else a dime either. So you can throw away your grey water or grow food with it. You can pay for ambulance trips or pay for PVC pipe and clear plastic, what’s your choice? You want a cool art store and a fix-it shop and other cool stores……that all takes a healthy population and they can’t afford “art” if their money goes to medications because they got no veggies for cheap. All the food is grown in Yuma and it takes hard cash to get it to Dolan Springs. You can grow it and have fun doing that or sit back and watch each other get less healthy because a salad costs a lot. It costs about $5000 a year to eat well in this country, not including rent or keeping a truck on the road. So to me, all you guys who like to pan for gold and play in shallow water…… need to move up to the real gold…….green veggy growing. And not growing smoke, growing veggies that make you go forward, not sideways.

    Dear woman with grand children, they need you alive and well. You’re the best baby sitter your family has. You need to be good to yourself and get involved with a community greenhouse so no more paying a dollar for a tomato. And we need a team spirit so it can be the Holy Spirit, not some pig at the top raking in the profits and slaving out the labor paying peanuts and sipping bad booze by his swimming pool.

    A Co-op. Ocean Spray cranberries………a very successful co-op of cranberry growers. They refuse to sell out because they are owned by themselves. Everyone in this country needs a personal greenhouse. You can put plexiglass on your roof and start one indoors. You just take seeds from plants you eat and try to grow them in a window sill, just watch more you tube videos and Jake Mace in Tempe has quite a following. The Vegan Athlete. learn about grey water and ask some neighbors. Find OPL……..Other People’s Land……offer them some of the veggies. Find where water is being wasted. The greenhouse increases the humidity and lowers evaporation and that’s why you need the clear plastic. Really you want to start a day care center and get the children doing the labor for free and get them trained away from TV. People learn about growing by growing. Do you think in Mexico they pay a dollar for a tomato? The same lousy soil in Yuma is the same lousy soil in Dolan Springs……you make the soil good by working it. You need more composting toilets and grow ornamental plants from that soil you made. Sell them for cash to buy what you need for the food growing side.

  2. “Well I served my country and I’m a Vet”……….wow, that’s great. Hope it was the right war. As I see it, you are not really a god. You were paid money, room and board to do your call of duty. With all these leadership skills that were drilled into you at boot camp, teaching you to shut up and do what you are told. Can’t you use some of that Alpha mail to send a package to a wounded worrier? The armchair soldiers who listen to the news and have broken hearts from watching socialist idiots marching around Burpley while they spew out their failed communist ideology and these people will be running the country in 20 years? I think therefore I am another wounded worrier. I need a Vet to show the way. Believe in the circle structure…….that’s how special forces come together like the Boy Scouts, in a circle to figure things out. A Council of Elders………where Peter ended up after casting a bright shadow that healed so many. Not a pyramid structure that got a lot of good men killed taking orders to attack into an onslaught of gunfire. The only way we won the Revolutionary War was when they started fighting like the indians. A council of decision makers……..that’s why Congress is a round circle of seats. The spokesman doesn’t have much power. So can you use your brains to get some co-op greenhouses started and pass it off to others who might be more into it, but need some Alpha mail input to get it started. How much postage does that male cost? Are you fighting any real war yet? How about the war on poverty. I want to fight against my own poverty. I am calling for a boycott against expensive produce that’s sucking away dollars from Dolan Springs. And beta mail is about as useful as goldfish in a pond, they go in circles and hold their mouths open gulping in air because they were too lazy to swim and use their gills. That’s expensive mail to be sending to the would be healthy people who aren’t spending a dollar for a tomato because they don’t have it.

    So I am calling all trout to learn how to jump to the next level and don’t be stuck with the goldfish because slurping at the air gets old quick. The Alpha mail needs to be coming together and the Vets need to start fighting a real war. The war against going broke slow because couldn’t get rich quick. Who else is going to do it? You need a PTA meeting of the mines? Where all stope angles converge into a deep hole with bad water at the bottom. Lots of talk into the void and no great ideas coming back. Well we gossip for twenty minutes and then something comes across and we get mad at who said it. The saga continues…….Ore…….some smart Vets get together and figure out how to get rich slow……growing vegetables. Food prices are going to go so free-king high…….don’t wait till you can’t find PVC pipe or the rebar to put inside it. When the golden bowl breaks and the woman stops grinding at the mill and you can’t find superman and batman got beat up in the city.

    Knock knock, who’s there?
    Orange……orange who?
    Orange you glad you started your own green house.

    Knock knock, who’s there?
    Lettuce…….Lettuce who?
    Lettuce see the three fingers pointed at ourself instead of the one pointed at someone else.

  3. J. Mac, are you going to come to the meeting?

    Would love to see some pictures of your garden and greenhouse along with a budget to build it.

    And of course it would be great if you could help set up some greenhouses. I’m only 60 and can’t do that stuff anymore (arthritis) and much of the population in need is over 70, many with Alzheimers.

    Really appreciate your help!

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