Tuesday 5/29/18 1:30 pm at the Dolan Springs chamber.

Lots of stuff going on:

Discussion and action regarding: Acceptance of Resignation for LMRFD Board Member Rick Sherwood; effective June 18, 2018. (Cass)

Rick is resigning?  Why?
I was glad he asked some meaningful questions about the ambulance billing at the last meeting.

I don’t know how you can run an ambulance service if you don’t know how much you get paid for each run.

Can you believe that they don’t have ANY information whatsoever what they get paid for each transport?

According to Gabe, the accountant, the other fire districts don’t ask for that information either.  No wonder they’re all in trouble!


a. Discussion and possible action regarding: Legal Counsel Invoices from December 2017-current that have been received. (Kiffer)

Why is this SECRET????     LMRFD is the cash cow for lawyers like Bill Whittington.

b) Discussion and possible action regarding: Material obtained from LMRFD Legal Counsel re: payroll discrepancies matter. (Cass)

Again, WHY is this secret?

c) Discussion and possible action regarding: Personnel Matter: Fire Chief DeMaio and Administrative Assistant Karen Jackson positions; outside resources and potential cost of outside resources. (Cass)

d) Discussion and possible action regarding: LMRFD Interim Fire Chief Contract and/or Fire Chief Contract; with changes from Board and Fire Chief. (Board)

I understand that personnel matters and certain issues are confidential, but this is really uncalled for.

Don’t the fools who joined LMRFD and pay for this BS have the right to know what’s going on?

I’m just glad I’m not paying for this.

I’ve been extremely busy, but hope to have a little more time in June.

Jay, if you read this, how do I go about filing a formal complaint?

I’m sick and tired of so much money being wasted and not having medical services in Meadview.  Charlotte and Walt have been trying to get a few things done and I appreciate that.  But no matter how often they demand timely notices and info on the web, NOTHING gets done!

I do NOT appreciate wasting $12,000 on painting the Dolan fire station, I’d pay $2k max.  I painted the aluminum siding on my old mobile in 2006 MYSELF and I’m amazed how good that paint still looks.  Well, if you like pink 🙂

Here’s the agenda: