Yesterday evening I finally got to take pictures of the notice George posted and I’m still shocked.

The house was actually condemned ON THE RECORD (officially recorded), Ed Kulik states to contact GEORGE LANGLEY for more info, the same George that told me that he just puts up the notices and doesn’t know anything and that I should contact Ed Kulik?  Have to find his card again.

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They won’t even specify which one of several reasons led to the condemnation!
It is APPALLING that our County would dare to condemn a house without even providing the REASON.   I know it’s not 2 because nobody lives in the house, it’s more like the owner’s “museum” — the walls are covered with huge prints of nature photographs.  My neighbor takes fantastic pics of the desert, plants, flowers, etc.  and he has a special printer for these huge prints.

So, is it 1, 3 or 4?  Could they be any MORE vague?

I have not heard back from our Supervisor Jean Bishop.
Below are the pics of the entire notice and the individual pages with commentary:

The individual pages:

Ed Kulik writes to contact George Langley for details. The same guy who told me to contact Ed Kulik for details and to resolve this nightmare?

RECORDED — never gave the owner a chance to fix it. Never told the owner what they want him to do.

We know it’s not paragraph 2 as nobody lives in the house. But what do they want?

This really is NOT a pretty house.  And the owner is aware of the problems, that’s why he lives in the camper.

Since obviously the County decided to NOT work with the residents and instead strive to make us miserable and kill as many as they can, it looks like we’ll have to take this to the media and hopefully find an attorney to put these thugs back into their place:

To serve and protect — NOT to harass and abuse.

Here you can see how little the County cares about us:


Imagine an ambulance racing to get a patient to the hospital or heliport.  Remember that our emergency personnel does NOT live here, they don’t have a clue about our roads.  And neither do tourists and visitors.

I’ve brought this potentially DEADLY hazard to the attention of Supervisor Jean Bishop two years ago.  The County could not care less.   I’m posting these pictures because when someone does get hurt, I can testify that the County knew.

On the roads the PUBLIC is at risk.

Just two years ago, when I got into all the road issues, I realized that we, the idiots who bought property out in the county to retire, are RESPONSIBLE for the roads as we OWN the roads.

So here’s my question to the County:

Why doesn’t the County sue the people who fail to maintain the PUBLIC roads that are owned by the property owners?

Supervisor Jean Bishop?

The County won’t fix them.  Nobody wants these roads paved, we only asked to keep them SAFE.  In that particular case, it would require a lot of concrete with lots of rebar so that you don’t get that 2 ft vertical drop every time the wash runs. 

Of course it’s also very dangerous when people get stuck, one man died in Golden Valley after his vehicle got stuck after the 2016 big storms because the County failed to do its job.  I’m guessing he didn’t have friends / family here to get THAT into the media and to sue the County.

Public safety is important to me, but I realize that there are many degrees of hazards.

I rate the washout at Greentree MUCH more serious than a private residence.

How does an unoccupied house on private property compare to public roads?

Why do we adopt idiotic codes that will NOT prevent the many deaths and injuries on roads and in “legal” mobile homes?

I can only conclude that they ENJOY destroying lives.

Jean Bishop?

Ed Kulik?

I sent my previous posting  only to Jean Bishop, thought she’d clue Ed Kulik in.  FYI, Ed Kulik is not taking calls from my neighbor and he’s ignoring his emails.

So it’s time for a followup email to both:

My email to Supervisor Jean Bishop:

I haven’t heard from you and I just posted the actual notice and my analysis at
[this URL]

My neighbor called me, Ed Kulik won’t take his calls or respond to emails.

When I look at public safety as a whole and consider the County’s outright refusal to deal with the HAZARDOUS roads, I can’t help but wonder.

Why don’t you care that people could DIE on the way to this “unsafe” house?



Dear Mr. Kulik:

I posted my thoughts on your actions and our telephone conversation at

Please advise if anything I published is inaccurate, especially with respect to our telephone call.


Christine Baker


8/1/18 update: 
Ed Kulik called my neighbor late Friday to advise that he needs to discuss the issue with George Langley.

My neighbor came out Monday and he’s of course very stressed and on oxygen.  He hasn’t been able to talk to George Langley yet.

I was in their greenhouse and I really don’t know what the County wants.   Maybe they don’t realize that the attached greenhouse isn’t part of the house. The outside greenhouse plywood wall looks really bad, but it’s not a safety or health issue.   Considering that my neighbor built this 20 years ago, the inside is in really good condition, lots of 4 x4s and I didn’t see any rot from leaks.

My neighbor was ahead of the times when he built this PASSIVE SOLAR house with dirt up against the concrete west wall (like an earthship).   It was about 100 F outside, but the downstairs room was in the 70s — with no cooling whatsoever!   THAT is how ALL houses should be built!

Of course it is a free country and if people want to spend $2k/year on electric for heating and cooling, that’s their choice.

We deserve CHOICES and the option to opt out of consumerism.

That’s what I call liberty.