I heard that the board meeting was rescheduled to Wednesday because attorney Bill Whittington is attending.

The agenda is posted at the LMRFD forum.

Looks like another exciting board meeting.  

t. Discussion and possible action regarding: Certificate of Compliance and Oath of Office re: Ms. Koeppen. (Board)

I have NO idea what’s going on.  Theodora had been appointed, but not sworn in, then was told she didn’t qualify, then she WAS qualified at the last meeting, but not appointed because chief DeMaio could not swear her in because some form was missing?

Now we’re back to discussing this AGAIN?

And the last item:

z. Discussion and possible action: Possible appointment of new Board Chairman. (Kiffer)

Theodora should be appointed at the BEGINNING of the meeting so she can attend the executive session and vote on all issues.

Theodora has been attending the meetings for quite some time now and she is MUCH more qualified than candidates Joe Campbell and Phyllis Aitkens — neither one of them has any idea what’s going on.

In fact, Phyllis PRAISED the incompetent administrative assistant Karen Jackson on Facebook!

This election for THREE new board members is going to make or break LMRFD.

Sadly, only Ellen has posted her info at the forum:

Charlotte, Eric, Ellen and Theodora are the ONLY board members / candidates to spend HUGE amounts of time on LMRFD meetings and more important, research.

Theodora Koeppen was mislead to believe that she was not eligible to run for office. 

So even if she’s finally appointed now, we will lose her again after the election.

This “mistake” by the board and/or attorney Whittington could put LMRFD into bankruptcy again.

Theodora is so extremely qualified with lots of board experience and the BRAINS to actually research issues. She took the TIME to attend the meetings and to TALK to so many people about the fire district (unlike Phyllis Aitkens and Joseph Campbell).

I feel that Theodora was railroaded by chief Tony DeMaio and chairwoman Deb Cass and possibly attorney Bill Whittington.

So I decided to wait until after the meeting to submit my formal complaint to the AG.

I had invited Phyllis via FB on 9/15/18:

Hello Phyllis, as you’re an LMRFD board candidate, we’ll greatly appreciate your letting us know why you’re running and what you can do for the district:
Phyllis is actively campaigning on Facebook, but don’t know whether she’s even seen my message.
I also have NOT heard or seen anything from Joe Campbell or Michael Karash.

I’m still working on a post with all the docs pertaining to the court hearing last Thursday regarding chief Tony DeMaio’s and administrative assistant Karen Jackson’s petitions for an injunction for harassment against me (denied).

So I plan to be at the meeting with my camera and I’ll continue to post the truth about LMRFD.

Last Saturday I spent hours reading and posting about NACFD (Valle Vista and several other consolidated districts).

The Kingman Miner writes about the NACFD troubles regularly:

They’re going through this exact same crap!  Also were just recently in court.

I’m beginning to think that it must be a Republican thing to NOT collaborate.

Why are the fire district board members NOT talking to each other?

According to the Miner articles attorney Bill Whittington also ran up huge legal bills for NACFD.

And because the fire boards STUPIDLY put legal discussions into executive sessions, attorney Whittington can charge for the SAME advice over and over and over …

NACFD just started posting their meeting videos online in August and I will be pushing for LEGISLATION requiring all fire boards to publicly post meeting videos.

If you’re too stupid to record and upload a fire board meeting video you’re definitely NOT competent to spend tax payer money.